How to Make Foamy Bubbles: Great fun for kids of all ages!

Does your preschooler love foamy bubbles?  Last year my kids and I went to the town square where the kids were amazed to have discovered a prank (here’s a picture of the Quirky kids with Bubbles).  Some kids (I’m assuming) dumped soap suds into the fountain and there were bubbles everywhere!  Since then we have always wanted to re-create our own foamy bubbles.  Thanks to Brooke  from The Parents and Kids for inspiring me with a bubble recipe.  We adapted it slightly with glycerin to create, well, not quite solid foam, but a thicker bubble solution.  My youngest even enjoyed helping me clean the floor as she fingerpainted with the bubbles!


Supplies needed to create your own Foaming Bubbles:

  • Foaming Soap Dispenser
  • Bubble Mix (or diluted Dish Soap)
  • Glycerin – we got our glycerin from shaving bits off of a semi-transparent bar of soap.  You can also get this at craft or hobby stores in a more pure form.
  • Water


For the water, we used the leftover dyed blue water from when we painted the snow – you’ll have to check out our friend’s terrific blog, TV-Free Toddler Time, for that post!  I loved guest posting for Jen!  The blue water made the soap more fun for my toddler who used it to finger paint with while the older kids played in the tub.


Directions:  Heat up the water and add some glycerin shavings.  Stir till they are dissolved.  Mix your solution 50% water, 50% soap/bubble mix.  Fill your foaming bottle half way with the mix and shake vigorously.  You should have bubbles forming inside the bottle.   Use the foaming dispenser to make a pile of bubbles.  These bubbles, because of the glycerin would be more hard and difficult to pop, almost like they separate rather than popping.   To have even more bubbles use carbonated water instead of tap water.  We added these bubbles to a barely filled bath tub and gave the kids whisks to stir them.  We also piled a bunch on the floor for our toddler to fingerpaint with – it was a great way to clean the floor.  You will have to supervise this more than typical activities as the floor became unusually slippery, but it was clean!!!

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