These Giant Bubble Balls Can Be Filled With Air or Water and You Know Your Kids Need Them

If you’re like me, you’re currently looking for a fun outdoor toy to occupy your kids this summer. I just found a super cool product that kids of all ages will love!

Giant Air or Water Bubble Balls for Kids of All Ages

I got so excited when I found these cool 40 inch bubble ball inflatable toys. The giant bubble balls can be inflated with either air or water for a really extra large outside games!

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giant bubble ball - two children with a large bubble ball between them with a hose filling up with water

Water Bubble Balls

If you inflate the amazing bubble balls with water, you will get a water blob toy that is fun for rolling, jumping and squishing.

child holding a giant bubble ball filled with air in a backyard

Big Air Bubble Balls

Fill the bubble ball with air for a really large ball that acts more like a balloon! It is fun to play catch, to balance on your head, relax into or try a pushing war with friends.

collage of three bubble ball pictures with kids balancing bubble ball on head and throwing it back and forth in backyard lawn

Summer Outdoor Activities with Bubble Ball

I know my kids would love an afternoon with a Bubble Ball! According to the description, “It’s super strong and is indestructible. You don’t have to worry about it popping. Jump, pounce, and play for hours!”

Where to Buy Bubble Balls

Grab your bubble balls at Amazon <–they come in a 2 pack for less than $10 each.

Or try the Jelly water bubble ball pack of 2 which is less than $8 each.

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Do you love the big bubble ball? Would you fill it with air or water?

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