This bubble maker is perfect for kids of all ages. Smaller kids, older kids, everyone will love this bubble maker. Plus, this awesome bubble maker is perfect for spring and summer time. It’s a great way to get kids outside and playing!

Summer time means it’s time to get a bubble maker!

Bubble Maker For Kids

Summer is right around the corner so naturally, I am looking for ways to entertain my kids this summer. After the first week of school ending, the dreaded, “Mom, I’m Bored” comments start to roll in.

Well, I am about to stop those right in their track because products like this will entertain the kids for hours!

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Wall of bubbles and foam made my a bubble maker and boy and girl playing with bubbles
This bubble maker literally makes a wall of foam.

Fom Mania Fomalache- Bubble Maker

This is the Fom Mania Fomalanche and it’s basically a foam maker that promises to make piles and piles of foam. Your kids can play in the foam, have foam fights and have loads of bubbly fun all day long.

Fömalanche makes piles and piles of light, airy foam that is perfect to run through, jump in and toss in the air.

Girl dancing through the bubbles and foam made by the Fom Mania Fomalanche bubble maker outside
Dance, jump, and pop all the bubbles!

How To Use This Fomalache Bubble Maker?

Simply add the non-toxic and tear free formula foam concentrate solution and water to the reservoir and turn the machine on for fast, easy, foamy fun!

It’s that easy!

Kids of all ages will love this bubble maker!

Boy playing with Fom Mania Fomalanche bubble maker outside
Look at how much bubbles and foam it makes!

And don’t worry if you run out! There are refill packs you can get so you can keep the fun going! The refills are generally 12 ounces and 1 bottle will fill the Fomalanche 4 times and fill the Fomilator 2 times.

Want bigger bottles to last longer? You can buy bigger packs too. The bigger packs are 48 ounces each! You can fill your bubble maker 8 times with one bottle!

Fom Mania Fomalanche on a white background
Get your Fom Mania Fomalanche today!

I cannot wait for it to be warm enough for my kids to play with this!

You can get the Fom Mania Fomalanche right here. Get a small pack of refills here! Want the bigger packs of refills? Get the bigger pack of refills here!

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How awesome is this bubble maker? Do you think you’ll try it out?

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