Have you heard of these Popping Bubble Toys? They are so cool!


You know when you get a package filled with bubble wrap, you and your kids just want to stomp on them to pop them?

Well, these are basically the same concept only they are reusable, washable and colorful FUN!

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The best part is, these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to keep kids entertained.


Kids are loving them but so are parents. They are being talked about everywhere!

You simply “pop” the bubble by pushing down on the bubble. You can then flip the toy over and do it again and again.

These are a great stress reliever, great sensory toy, and even a great toy for a minimalist lifestyle.

These bubble toys are so cool, I actually want one for myself. I mean, who wouldn’t want to push bubbles like this?


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You can find all sorts of colors and patterns of the Popping Bubble Toys on Amazon Here.

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Do you love the popping toy?

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