18 Valentines Crafts for Kids

Our kids love Valentines crafts and activities – they love to hear that they are loved and to share the love with their friends and family.

These are 18 of the Valentines Day Activities that we discovered from some of our favorite online places!

18 Valentine Crafts for Kids

Valentines Craft Ideas

I love Red.  Play with textures and make a collage.

Make a paper chain of hearts.  On each link write something you love about your child

Create a coded homemade Valentine.

Make a valentines day tree.  Decorate it with paper hearts.

Sugar cookies – decorate them in the shape of hearts.

Welcome birds to spring with a birdseed valentine.

Decorate a window with doiles for a fun kids activity.

Heart Rocks – to give a valentine of “you rock”.

Make a candle votive for Grandma.

Sew paperbags to create “hearts”, homemade treat bags.

Play with salt dough to create hanging hearts.

18 Valentine Crafts for Kids

Valentines Day Activities

Be sure to show your child you love them with your actions

Get out the rose petals and flowery soaps and have fun with a sensory sink 

Make a felt envelope – you can reuse it to send love notes to your child all year long .

Tell someone that you love them with a fun homemade card.

Simple Kids Activity: Use heart stickers to create a resist painting.

Do an act of kindness together with your child (or a hundred of them!!)

Give a valentine of playdough to the active child in your life.


If you liked these activities, be sure to stop by the blogs and let them know they are loved!  

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