12 Cool Math Games for Kids

Let’s play with math today!

We home-school and as we have added new kiddos to our family we ended our “school time” earlier than normal and I am looking for ways to ease back into a form of “catch-up” school time with some fun games. These math games are perfect for helping our kids keep learning alive and refreshing their math skills.

Thanks to Learning Ideas for inspiring today’s theme. I just LOVE her hopscotch in positive and negative numbers. That is brilliant. I have struggled incorporating negative numbers into our kids curriculum. Thanks Marcia – her site has tons of other ideas for learning for you to browse.

Cool math games
Cool Math Games for Kids

Number Fly Swatter Game – This game is silly and will get the wiggles and giggles out as well!

Numbers Card Game – This simple game can be created with a few pieces of paper and dice.  It will help those who are learning numbers.

Geometric shapes – Here is a hands-on activity to get kids feeling math!

Make stone dominoes. I love how the blog, Fairy and the Frog made a set of stones labled with both numbers and one with the amount.  Great for young learners.

Snap Plus One – This game is great for elementary age kids.  It is a card game with a twist.

Play number toss.  This game is super simple to make with an old egg carton.  Thanks for a versatile game, Kristina.

Shape Collage – This simple game for preschoolers teaches geometry with play.

Go on a number hunt. Have your sheet of math problems and when your kids figure out the answer have them let you know by running to the number! A variation from the blog idea at Making Boys Men.

Dominos and a Deck of Cards – Math concepts are fun and games with these traditional family game night supplies!

Water Bead Math Game – I love the feel of these and they can be put in play for math too!

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with negative versus even numbers – also from Learning Ideas.

Online Math Games – If you kids love to play games on the computer–these are some of our free favorites.


What are some of your kids favorite math activities?

I would love to hear about them in the comments or on our facebook wall.  If you are a blogger, be sure your math games are linked up to our Math Games Extravaganza!

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