We want our pets to enjoy the holidays as much as we do.

That’s why we buy our dogs bones, or get our cats toy mice to play with.

In the end, they…all of them…just want the wrapping paper and boxes, but we still try.

Funny video of cat plus Christmas sweater - Kids Activities Blog feature
I am dreaming of a Christmas sweater…

I remember my first Christmas with my sweet dog, Ollie, I made sure he had a stocking, his own Christmas dinner,

I even found a song online that supposedly only dogs could hear (he didn’t react, so I’m still not sure).

Thing is, I know for a fact I got way more out of that Christmas than he did.

For me, it was all happiness and hope, for him it was another day and maybe a better dinner than what he usually gets.

Doesn’t matter, though.

It’s still one of my favorite memories…and, I hope, his too.

I think that’s why we put our animals in sweaters and bring them to visit Santa and such.

We just want the memories.

This cat, though?

Not exactly a fan of the Christmas sweater.

Take a look!

Funny cat video of cat hatred of his Christmas sweater

All I can say is be patient, little fella.

In just a little bit you’ll have all the paper and boxes you can handle and this sweater fiasco will be but a distant memory.

As for his people?

Thanks for sharing this funny cat video with the world…I know I’ll remember this always.

It truly made me laugh!


Oh!  And if you are simply a cat fan…we have some really cute {& free} cat coloring pages to download and print right now.

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