A bad haircut is enough to ruin your day as an adult, but as a middle school student? It makes for a really bad day. Thankfully, understanding teachers and principals can go a long way in helping students with their self-esteem, and this principal has gone above and beyond.

Young man getting his hair cut by the school principal in the office with hair clippers
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Principal Helps Student With A Bad Haircut

Jason Smith, the principal at Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School in Warren Township, Indiana, found himself with an 8th grade student in his office, sent there for refusing to remove his hat in class.

Young man in a barber chair with a barber towel around him
Sometimes feeling self concious can make us act out.

Boy Was Embarrassed By His Hair Cut

Rather than calling the boy’s parents, he sat down and spoke with him, only to find out that the student had recently gotten a haircut that he was embarrassed by.

He felt the lines seemed crooked and he did not want anyone else to see it.

Boy getting his hair cut with clippers by a gloved hand
The principal would help him fix his hair so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Mr. Smith struck a deal with the student. He had learned to cut his own hair, his son’s, and his college basketball teammates’.

If he went home and picked up his clippers, would the student let him help fix his hair, so he could go back to class.

The student agreed, and Mr. Smith headed home in the snow.

Sometimes A Small Act Means So Much

Upon returning, he helped the student fix the lines in his hair and the student apologized and returned to class.

Barber table with combs, clippers, and a brush to get rid of hairs
A little act of kindness made a big difference.

What seems like such a small matter means so much. A bad haircut can be devastating for a young boy, especially at middle school age. But by taking the time to listen and empathize with his students, Mr. Smith was able to come up with the simplest solution and build a bond with his school.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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