Some kids are BORN stars. Like, did you know Bruno Mars started out as the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator at the age of four? He was just born with the right stuff. He had the moves, the voice, the vavavoom, and the desire to be on stage and own it. This kid strikes me as no different. When he’s brought onto stage during a cruise concert, it takes him absolutely no time to break into a dance routine that is straight out of the Michael Jackson playbook. This kid has moves and swagger, and he absolutely knows it! Take a look! I don’t know if he’d thought about being an entertainer before he was brought on stage, but there is no doubt in my mind that that’s what he should be now. Like, maybe he’ll grow up to do something else, but I’m guessing within the next five or ten years we’ll see him on stage somewhere and he’ll completely own the crowd then, too! Way to go, kid! Keep blowing our minds! You are amazing!!

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