At our house, we love school activities that allow us to get up and move around!   Sarah from, Frugal Fun for Boys, sent us this fun activity that she is one of her boy’s favorites!   Thanks Sarah… and now in her words: . I originally got this idea from a family that I babysat for in high school and college, and I tucked it away to use with my own children.   To play the game, simply make a circle on the floor with alphabet letter cards.   We used a set of flash cards, but you can also make your own flash cards or use foam letters or whatever you have on hand!   Turn on some fun music,  and walk around the circle until the music stops!   When the music stops, each player must name the letter that they are the closest to. . There are many variations on how to play, depending on what skill your child needs to focus on. You can play with all capitals or lowercase, or a mix.   You can have the players name the letter, or name the letter and the sound it makes.   You can even say a word and have your child run to the letter that the word starts with or for older children ask them to create a sentence with as many words starting with that letter as they can muster up. . We usually leave all the letters in the game and end up landing on them more than once, but you can also remove letters as they are identified to make sure that each card is covered. Need some more ABC ideas? Check out Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys.   She has lots of active and engaging activities for our kiddos! Check out this printable ABC chart!

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  1. I am hopping from Blogfrog and (as a former teacher)this is a terrific idea. I love the picture attachment as well. Thanks for the idea.

    Clayton Thomas
    Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

  2. Super Fun…seems like mama might also like this game….Let’s get the good tunes rollin and learn some letters!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Used to do this with my sign language playgroup to practice signs and now I need to use it with my preschool class to get some wiggles out on these cold days.