As parents we often wonder if our kids are truly listening to what we’re saying. I mean, half the time they act like what we said went right over them and if we ask them to do something? You can be guaranteed it probably isn’t going to be done. But this child proves that even when we think they aren’t listening, they truly are. Mia’s mom does makeup tutorials for other people to watch, and apparently her viewers aren’t the only ones who have been watching. Adorable four-year-old Mia snuck into her mom’s makeup bag  when her mom wasn’t looking and proceeded to do her full makeup. When mom caught up with her, she asked Mia to explain what happened, and Mia goes into her own adorable makeup tutorial, in the cutest possible way. Take a look!

I think the biggest thing here is that mom better watch her back. It looks like Mia is coming after her makeup tutorials. And from the looks of things, in a few years she’ll probably take over! What a cutie!

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