Oy. Kids + Make-up. It’s not always pretty. A couple of weeks ago one of my kids was playing in our bathroom and they got into my makeup. Between their “application” of the colors and the fact that they dropped it on the floor, let’s just say the makeup was not in the same state I had left it in. But really, I should thank my kiddos. Through this beauty hack we were able to rescue and renew my broken makeup making new tubs of colored eye cream. My made “new” eyeshadow goes on more smoothly, lasts longer and doesn’t shatter when dropped. It’s a win! rescue eye shadow that your kids break with this beauty hack Rescue Broken Make-Up You’ll need the following (contains affiliates): Take your broken slates of eye shadow, put the pieces of pigment into your little tubs.  Use the disposable stir stick  and add a dollup of cream to the powdered pigment.  You can also add a single drop of Argan Oil if you want to combat those laugh lines at the same time. . dont throw away broken eyeshadow makeup mix the pigments with cream and use Mix the cream into your tub of pigments.  You want to be sure to not use too much cream as you want the consistency to be closer to a stiff mud than a lotion. To use, dab your finger in and pull out the amount you want to use on your eyes.  Blend it in with your fingers.  If you want it to be darker or more intense in color we suggest that you use multiple coats instead of a single thick coat. As it binds with the cream and the oil to your face, it will stay and look great for hours!  You will love your re-made make up.  I do. DIY eyeshadow cream super easy to make with only two ingredients

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