Meet the people who is ‘changing the face’ of Bratz dolls.

We’ve all seen them, their dark make-up, slightly risque clothes, and their name definitely says it all: Bratz.

Little girls love them, but parents aren’t the biggest fans.

Doll Make over Video - Kids Activities Blog
Everyone loves a good makeover story!

Changing Bratz Makeup

So what happens if you decide to change that?

What about a Bratz Doll makeover?

What happens if you remove that Bratz exterior and let the dolls inner beauty shine through?

Actually, it’s pretty amazing!

Bratz Doll Makeover Video

From dolls that make you cringe to toys any girl would love.

I truly can’t believe the difference in these dolls.

Have you ever tried the same with one of your children’s toys?


We absolutely love playing with our American Girl dolls.  They can take on nearly anything!!

What do you think of the Bratz dolls makeover?

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