30+ Kid-Friendly Ways To Organize A Bathroom

Let’s talk about bathroom organization.  Kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom when they are little, and we spend a lot of time in there with them, bathing, brushing, potty training– you name it.

The bathroom is a very important place, and kid-friendly ways to organize a bathroom make everyone’s life just a little easier. 

30 Kid-friendly Ways to Organize Your Bathroom - variety of organization ideas pictured like toothbrush storage, toothpaste dispenser, step for kids and toilet sign
Let’s keep the smallest room in the house that gets the most use organized and efficient!


Ways To Organize a Bathroom

Isn’t it funny that the bathroom is likely the smallest room in the house, but is the most used?  

So much to do, so little space!

Oh, and we definitely want cute ways to organize your bathroom…because who wants to spend a lot of time in an organized but ugly place?  

Not me!

bathroom toy storage for organizing the small room - baskets for the tub - three shown
Easy ways to store toys in the bathroom!


Whether the kids bathroom is a place they have to themselves or share with the entire family, it is important they have their own space to store toys.

If you don’t want a spend a fortune on expensive bath toy storage, these baskets are perfect. (I love this because it’s cheap enough to just throw away if it gets too funky!)

A hanging basket keeps toys  neat, and looks adorable if your kids are like mine and insist on having the shower curtain open at all times. (Because of  tub monsters, naturally.)

You can use a second shower rod to hang toy storage down low and make it easy for kids to reach!

Mr Bubble Organize Your Kids Bathroom Sink - keeping it easy for kids to clean up and use with ease - facet extension, lego soap, step, light
Making it easy for kids to use & put things away in the bathroom!


The sink is the busiest place in the kids bathroom.  There is hand washing, teeth brushing, rinsing, and all the hair and grooming stuff that happens in the area.  The sink in a bathroom is like Grand Central Station!

If your kid is anything like mine, the soap is a big deal, and this lego soap is one of the coolest bathroom tricks around.

If your kids are having trouble reaching the water, check out what you can do with a Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath bottle!

You know all those individual hand sanitizers your daughter collects from every single girl’s birthday party she goes to? Here’s an awesome way to store them!

Add a pull out step stool to your bathroom. This is probably the greatest invention in the history of all time for any parent who has ever tripped over a plastic Dora the Explorer step stool while just trying to pee in the middle of the night.

This built in nightlight is amazing. I have one in each of my bathrooms, and it took about five minutes to install.

Slippery hands mean soap can end up everywhere, so try this DIY soap pouch instead.

Organize Your Potty - ways to keep the area around the toilet tidy - dinosaur, storage and toilet seat sign
Tidy your toilet!


Potty training can be a pain if you don’t have everything you need at your fingertips, so plan ahead with potty training essentials basket.

You can keep your diapering supplies  on a cute little cart. Adorable.

Need a super simple changing table that you will actually use? This one can be made for under $30!

And if you have boys, you might want to try this not-so-subtle reminder for raising both lids.

Spray paint a dinosaur to hold your toilet paper. Awesome.

toothbrush and toothpaste tricks and storage tips for organizing a bathroom - toothbrush jars, giraffe and a way to dispense toothpaste
Brush your teeth! Brush your teeth! Oh, and make it easy to put away your toothbrush…


Remember our goal for cute bathroom storage?  Well, we have some adorable ideas that surround sink storage, toothbrush storage and more…

Use a plastic toy to make a crazy cute toothbrush holder. Everyone will be jealous. Everyone.

Keep toothbrushes separate with this simple pvc pipe system.

Or you can even just use plastic cups hung inside your cabinets. Genius.

If your kids make the biggest mess ever squeezing  toothpaste (mine still does, and she’s nine) then this DIY toothpaste dispenser is just what you need.

towel storage ideas for organizing your bathroom - hanging towels three ways
Make it easy to always hang up your towel!


One of the hardest things in life is to get kids to pick up their towels off the bathroom floor on a regular basis…you know, like a habit!  Well these bathroom organization ideas that center around towels can help make that happen.

This is a great way organize your towels and toothbrushes all in one place!

Add ribbon to your towels with this easy tutorial to make it easier for little hands to hang up!

Want to know who is leaving their towels in the floor? Solve this problem with color coded organization. My mom used to do this. I was pink, she was purple, my brother was blue and my dad was green. Everything she bought was in our color– towels, toothbrushes, hangers, storage containers. That way we knew what was ours without having to think about it!

how to store hair accessories to keep bathroom organized - hair ties on carbinger, drawer storage and more
Organizing hair ties has the added benefit of always being able to find your favorite one!


I have had long hair my entire life and so hundreds of teeny, tiny hair accessories in the bathroom have always been a challenge for organization.  I love these cute organization ideas for the bathroom and can’t wait to try them for my bathroom!

Are headbands all over your house? Repurpose a spice rack to hold them!

Or you can use an old oatmeal container to store headbands. Brilliance.

Hair bows and ribbons are meant to be pretty, so store them in clear storage containers  to add a pop of color to your bathroom!

Stick hair ties on a carabiner to  keep them together!

Cookie jars also work!

Are your hair ties everywhere?  just throw them on the doorknob. So smart.

Use a silverware tray to keep all the hair accessories sorted!

printable bathroom notes to help organize a bathroom small - toilet paper storage, wash your hands reminder
Print these cute bathroom signs to keep everything tidy!


These printable bathroom signs are so cute and will help remind everyone who visits the bathroom to keep things organized and tidy…in a sweet way.

Use these adorable printables to remind your kids to flush and wash their hands!

And these subway art printables for keeping your bathroom green  are cute enough to hang in a guest bathroom!

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