Probably The Best Eyeshadow Tutorial Ever {Giggle} [Video]

First off, the number one rule of applying eyeshadow: BLEND!

I don’t know where Angie Castallano came from, but she’s totally won my heart.

Seriously, whether you’re trying to get the smoky-eyed make-up look or not…

Best eyeshadow tutorial video ever - Kids Activities Blog

…her tutorial is full of amazing life advice.

My favorite starts at 1:03…

How to Do a Smokey Eye Tutorial Video

Remember folks: there are no eye-shadow police.

If it makes you feel gorgeous, go for it!

How amazing is she?

I can’t stop laughing and smiling.

And isn’t that really what we want from a good tutorial?

Something that makes us smile?

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Did you love the eye shadow tutorial?