Do you have a picky eater in your home? These 5 easy recipes for picky eaters will help hide the good stuff so your kids won’t even know they are eating healthy!

5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, 5 easy recipes, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Easy recipes to complete your meal.

5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters

Most of the time, it is tough to choose a recipe that can provide healthy nutrition while pleasing the picky eaters. That’s why we have prepared these recipes for you.

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5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, zucchini cupcakes, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Cupcake made of zucchini. Looks tasty!

1. Zucchini Cupcake Recipe

If ever you are going to try this, you would not even know that you are eating vegetables. And I can assure you that this recipe gets better each time you make it. Have your kids try this one out!

Ingredients Needed To Make Zucchini Cupcakes:

Check out this link Burnt macaroni. Zucchini cupcakes are one of my kids’ favorite recipes. You can’t even tell zucchini is the main ingredient!

5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, spaghetti and meat sauce, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Meaty Spaghetti pasta with meat sauce on top!

2. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Recipe

Try this ultra-tasty spaghetti with meat sauce. No one could ever resist its meaty and saucy texture that perfectly goes along with garlic bread or any just normal bread.

Ingredients Needed To Make Spaghetti And Meat Sauce:

If you are curious about the steps, click on this link Burnt Macaroni. This special recipe for spaghetti and meat sauce is another family favorite. I like to add a few extras to the sauce to get a healthy treat!

5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, taco quesadilla recipe, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Mouth-watering taco quesadilla!

3. Taco Quesadilla Recipe

Imagine a snack that has two of your favorite ingredients together, ground beef and cheese! You would look like a hero in front of your kids making this easy recipe!

Ingredients Needed To Make Taco Quesadilla:

Here’s the taco quesadilla recipe! If you are looking for another recipe that will satisfy your picky eater, these taco quesadillas are perfect!

5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, frozen smoothie recipe, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Cool up with this frozen smoothie!

4. Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A basic frozen fruit smoothie recipe that anyone can make. Even a novice can make this simple smoothie but has a masterpiece taste! Once you have mastered the formula, you would be able to mix it with different ingredients!

Ingredients Needed To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothie:

  • A cup of spinach
  • 1/2 banana, cut into pieces
  • A cup of mixed frozen fruit
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt, put into ice cube trays and frozen
  • A cup of milk

To get the recipe instructions, follow this link frozen fruit smoothie recipe. This is perfect if you want to plan ahead. All you have to do is freeze the main ingredients and pull them out when you are ready.

5 Recipes for Picky Eaters, apple nutella pops recipe for picky eaters, 5 easy Recipes for Picky Eaters by kids activities blog.
Save some space for this yummy apple Nutella pop dessert!

5. Apple Nutella Pop Recipe

A crunchy and sweet recipe. Savor the dessert that will give you an extraordinary experience. This is also perfect food for grab-and-go for breakfast.

Ingredients Needed To Make Apple Nutella Pop:

To learn more about it, check apple Nutella pops. This is the perfect afternoon treat! Substitute the Nutella with yogurt, and put it in the freezer for a frozen treat!

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What are your best tips for feeding a picky eater? Comment it down below! 

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