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Let’s make our very own obstacle course! We have plenty of ideas to make your own obstacle courses for kids of all ages – a great way to get some fun physical activity without leaving home!

Image shows a compilation of different homemade obstacle courses for kids. From different sources
Let’s make a great obstacle course!

Best Obstacle Course Ideas

If you are looking for a fun obstacle course, you’re in the right place. Obstacle courses are a fun way for younger kids and older kids alike to practice their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. We have great indoor ideas for obstacle courses as well as some backyard obstacle course ideas, both include lots and lots of active play.

The best thing about these DIY obstacle course ideas is that they are super easy to put up and you can use various elements you probably already have at hand, such as jump ropes, bean bags, and painter’s tape – if not, you can easily find in your local store.

We hope you have so much fun!

Image shows sidewalk chalk DIY to create obstacle courses. Idea from KAB
Make your own chalk!

1. How To Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Let’s learn how to make homemade sidewalk chalk! You only need 3 ingredients and a handful of household supplies. Then, use sidewalk chalk to create a fun obstacle course in your yard!

Image shows a sidewalk chalk obstacle game for kids. Idea from KAB
There are so many games you can play outside.

2. Fun Chalk Board Games Your Kids Can Create While Playing Outside

Take your chalk art to the next level and make chalkboard games and obstacle courses outside. This will provide fresh air and exercise, and most importantly, hours of active fun!

Image shows a compilation of kids playing in a water obstacle course. Idea from Meaningful Mama
A fun outdoor game for the summer.

3. Water Obstacle Course

This water obstacle course takes a bit of time to set up, but it will provide a long time of entertainment. We recommend this obstacle game, particularly at a party or picnic, and if wanted, you can make this a competition. From Meaningful Mama.

Image shows a kid playing an obstacle game outdoors. Idea from One Creative Mommy
A perfect game for a birthday party!

4. Spy Birthday Party

Train your kiddos as top-secret spies! There are so many different things to do that will provide hours of fun. This is ideal for birthday parties with kids that are 6 years old and older kids. From One Creative Mommy.

Image shows a toddler playing an indoor obstacle game. Idea from Laly Mom.
A fun activity that doubles as stuffed animal scavenger hunt!

5. Moo, Quack, Baa! An Animal Sounds Obstacle Course

This fun animal sounds obstacle course is easy to set up, and perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. This can be done in your living room, back yard or even a classroom setting. From Laly Mom.

Image shows two kids playing in an outdoor obstacle game. Idea from Frugal fun 4 boys
Bring out your inner ninja!

6. DIY American Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course

This American Ninja Warrior style back yard obstacle course will be a huge hit with older kids. It can be set up however and whenever kids want to, so it won’t take up space in your backyard. The obstacles include PVC pipe hurdles, pallets, balance beams, and more. From Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Image shows a little girl holding a printed obstacle course plan. Idea from Playtivities
Need to get your kids off the couch?

7. Sidewalk Obstacle Course with Chalk

Good chalk and a sidewalk are only two things you will basically need for this obstacle course. Make a start point and draw different activities, such as dancing, jumping, hopping, clapping, etc. So easy yet so much fun! From Playtivities.

Image shows a toddler playing an indoor obstacle course
Who said obstacle courses were just for older kids?

8. Simple Crawling Obstacle Course for Baby

If you have a crawling baby that is constantly on the move then this super simple obstacle course is for you! It’s perfect for building fine motor skills while having fun. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a kid holding a blue balloon for an obstacle course. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Balloons are a great addition to your obstacle course.

9. Activity Course with Balloons

An activity course built with an ABC mat and balloons! Here are some of the best ideas for you to try with your balloon obstacle course but you can customize it as much as you want. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a little girl playing an outdoor obstacle course with ballons and hula hoops. Idea from Inspired Motherhood
A great, fun summer activity.

10. The ULTIMATE Obstacle Course for Young Kids

This obstacle course for kids is super easy and inexpensive to make. You can play it in your backyard and use the ideas here to make your own. From Inspired Motherhood.

Image shows an outdoor obstacle course with pool noodles.
It’s time to take our pool noodles out.

11. Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course

Here are so many ideas for you to make your own outdoor obstacle course for kids as young as 3 years old. Cones, bean bags, buckets, or any other toy or common household item will work just fine! All you need is something to stay put and mark off a goal. From Learn Play Imagine.

12. Super Easy Indoor Obstacle Course for Toddlers and Preschoolers

All you need is a few things they can step or climb over (stools, large pillows); crawl under ( dining room chair, coffee table); climb or step in (cardboard box, laundry basket); and jump over (swimming pool noodle) You can literally assemble it in under five minutes. From More Naps.

Image shows a shape game indoor obstacle game. Idea from Toddler Approved
What a fun way to practice shape recognition.

13. Escape the Volcano Shape Game

This game has it all: color recognition, shape names, counting, singing, gross motor skills, using a full sentence, answering simple questions, and following directions. And it’s so easy to set up! From Toddler Approved.

Image shows a kid playing an indoor obstacle game. Idea from Adventures at home with mum
Kids can practice their balance skills with this game.

14. Easy Gross Motor Obstacle Course

Here is a great way to get the kids active when it’s too cold or too hot to be outside, or to just do for fun! All you really need is some paper masking tape and a little space. From Adventures at Home With Mum.

Image shows a toddler playing an indoor obstacle game with letters. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Let’s learn as we have fun!

15. Learning (Plus it’s Fun!) Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

Let’s practice letter recognition with some sticky notes stuck all over the dining room. For older kids, you can switch it up and make addition facts. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a kid playing a spy game scavenger hunt. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Kids of all ages will love a scavenger hunt!

16. A ‘Spy Game’ Scavenger Hunt

A fun and easy way to get the kids moving. Go on a ‘spy game’ scavenger hunt. Grab some tape and pompoms and you’re all set to create your own obstacle course. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a kid playing an indoor obstacle course. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Here’s another fun way to learn numbers.

17. A String Obstacle Course to Find the Number Bonds to 10

Kids will have a lot of fun practicing matching numbers as well as number bonds to 10 (you might even learn something new, too). It’s great for kids in kindergarten and first grade. From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a kid playing in a hallway laser maze obstacle course. Idea from Its always autumn
Let’s pretend to be super secret spies!

18. DIY Hallway Laser Maze {Indoor Fun For Kids}

Learn how to turn your hallway into a laser maze for some easy, inexpensive indoor fun for kids! They will get to pretend they are like the spies they see in movies, creeping through the lasers without touching any of them. From Its Always Autumn.

Image shows a simple gross motor skill obstacle course for babies. Idea from Life with Moore babies
Check out this fun obstacle course for babies and toddlers.

19. How to Build a Gross Motor Indoor Baby Obstacle Course

This sensory obstacle course is super easy and has great benefits for your child. You can use cardboard boxes, stuffed animals, couch cushions, soft blocks, and musical instruments. From Life with Moore Learning.

Image shows 4 kids playing on a sensory walk activity. Idea from Raising Dragons
Sensory activities are for kids of all ages.

20. Sensory Walk ? ages 1+ ?

Sensory walks are so much fun and allow children to explore their sense of touch using their feet! You’ll need large bins, water beads, flour, bubble wrap, and other simple supplies. From Raising Dragons.

Image shows a little girl playing on an indoor obstacle course. Idea from My Big Fat Happy Life
A simple obstacle course that is also so much fun.

21. Building an Indoor Obstacle Course

All you need to build this indoor obstacle game is blue painters tape mapped out on the floor, some stuffed animals to jump over, a sheet tunnel to crawl through, and other simple objects. From My Big Fat Happy Life.

Image shows a kid playing with a hula hoop. Idea from Childhood 101
Hula hoops are great for obstacle courses.

22. Christmas Sensory Play: Don’t Ring the Bells Obstacle Course

The objective is to traverse the course without ringing the bells attached to each of the obstacles so not only are we exercising our ears and sense of sound but also our bodies! Idea from Childhood 101.

Want more indoor fun for kids? Try these ideas:

Which home obstacle course idea was your favorite?

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