These nature guide finders are a great way to get kids of all ages outside and exploring. These wooden nature guide finders have images and names on one side with different images and names on the the backside! Explore plants, bugs, animals, clouds, and astronomy with these nature guide finders.

Nature guide finder wooden square with plants and leaves: maple, poplar, oak, elm, birch, pecan, ash, willow, lilac, chestnut, aspen, and linden
Explore plants with these nature guide finder!

Nature Guide Finder – Viewfinder

Warmer weather is here and if your kids are anything like mine, they want to be outside all day. With that being said, I came across these Wooden Nature Guide Finders and I knew I just had to share!! These are so cool! You can explore:

  • Plants
  • Bugs
  • Animals
  • Astronomy (stars and the moon)
  • Clouds

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Nature Guide Finders Are Perfect For Outside Fun Or As A Science Level

Trees and leaves outside while child holds wooden nature finder guide with names: maple, poplar, oak, elm, birch, pecan, ash, willow, lilac, chestnut, aspen, linden
Can you find all the leaves?

Leaf Identification Nature Viewfinder

These wooden nature finders are a two-sided tool that will bring fun and learning by helping to identify common things (leaf growth and cloud movement, animal footprint recognition and insects recognition).

Whether you’re just enjoying summer and spring or trying to find some science curriculum for the classroom, these nature guide finders.

There Are A Number Of Different Nature Guide Finders To Choose From

Blue sky with white clouds on a wooden nature guide: cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus, altostratus, cumulus, stratocumulus, altocumulus
Explore the clouds and cloud formation with this wooden nature guide!

Cloud Identification Nature Frame

You can choose from a two-sided view finder that has cloud movement and plant growth. Explore nature, meteorology, and enjoy some fresh air while you do it.

Animal footprint wooden nature guide: crow, pigeon, turkey, eagle, rooster, duck, beaver, bear, moose, impala, deer, cow, coyote, opossum, fox, cat, squirrel, rabbit, dog, racoon, hare, weasel, muskrat, otter
Explore animal footprints too!

Animal FootPrints Viewfinder Nature Finder

Or, you can choose one that has two sides for animal footprints or two sides with insects. Just be careful when it comes to bugs and animals. You may not want to get too close!

Bug circle nature guide finder: wasp, bee, moth, dragonfly, cabbage butterfly, monarch butterfly, blue morphe butterfly, mosquito hawk, mosquito, fly, firebug, stag beetle, lady bug, ant, spider, cockroach, earwig, grasshopper, tick, mantis, green beetle, caterpillar
Be careful when exploring bugs! Some of them sting.

Insect & Butterfly Viewfinders for Kids

This is one of my favorite in the set of viewfinders which gives you a frame that has identification information for both common bugs and butterflies.

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Where To Get Your Wooden Nature Guide Finders

No matter which one you choose, I am sure it will entertain your kids for hours! Not to mention, be educational too!

You can find the Wooden Nature Guide Finders on Amazon.

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What do you think about these nature guide finder? How cool are they?

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