Do your kids love to collect things? Containing your kids collections can be a real challenge, and if you don’t keep them organized, they can make a big mess! After all, there are so many things to collect and they come in all shapes and sizes. We have the best ideas that are family-tested to collect, contain, store and display kids collections!

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Collect, Contain, Store & Display Kids Collections

How To Store Your Childs Collections

All my family members collect something which is probably why my kids like to collect things. But from stuffed animals, to children’s artwork, board games, stack of books, tiny toys, baseball cards, action figures, matchbox cars, video games and more…

The collections can quickly get out of hand. But instead of throwing it out and hurting kids’ interest in these things, let’s find creative ways to store and show off your childs collection without picture frames or a display case.

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Ideas for Containing Your Child’s Collections

Here are several ideas for housing all those fun things that your children have found.

1. Egg Cartons To Keep Shells, Coins, and Pebbles Organized

Great Ideas for Containing Your Kids' Collections

Plastic or cardboard egg cartons are perfect for holding small items, such as rock collections, pebbles, small shells, or coins.

Your child can decorate his holder with craft paint and stickers.

Their small compartments make them perfect for nature collections and scavenger hunts. They’re even great for containing all those rubber bands your kids love to make bracelets from!

2. Shoe Boxes To Keep Fabric Scraps and Treasures

Great Ideas for Containing Your Kids' Collections

Another wonderful container is the shoe box. While their collection will not be visible through the box, it’s a perfect place to keep their treasures hidden!

Girls will love decorating theirs with pretty fabric scraps while boys may prefer going the pirate route. Kids can store their box under their bed, on a shelf or on top of their dresser.

3. Clear Shoeboxes To Contain Your Collection

Of course you can also find clear shoeboxes with lids to contain their collections. These plastic boxes are great for things like mini figures, art supplies, comic books, and even game pieces.

4. Three Ring Binders To Show Off Trading Cards

Great Ideas for Containing Your Kids' Collections

For delicate items such as pressed flowers or leaves, children can store them in binder using clear page protectors so they can see their treasures.

This also allows them to pull them out and use them for future projects. For a more permanent collection, kids can glue their items to card stock or construction paper, then make holes with a three hole punch and keep in a three ring binder.

5. Plastic Zipper Gallon Storage Bags To Protect Your Trading Cards

Alternatively, plastic zipper gallon storage bags will protect the treasure and can also be punched and inserted. Binders also work great for trading card collections.

6. Trading Card Pocket Holders To help Protect Your Game Cards

You can purchase trading card pocket holders at discount department stores and they are already punched for you. These are perfect for trading cards, Pokémon cards, or magic the gathering cards.

7. Jars and Lids To Show Small Items In Your Collection

Great Ideas for Containing Your Kids' Collections

Jars are a wonderful way to display your child’s collection, keeping their age and maturity in mind.

Glass jars can break, so be sure to store them in a safe and out of reach place, or alternatively, use plastic jars.

8. Milk Jug Lids To Show Off Rocks and Shells

These are perfect for displaying large collections of rocks and shells. And don’t forget about lids! Jar lids and milk jug lids make great containers for small things.

9. Shadow Boxes and Shelves For Small Toys

Great Ideas for Containing Your Kids' Collections

If their collection is too large for any of the suggestions above, you might want to try a shadow box or shelf.

A shadow box is basically a shallow box with a frame and glass front. Collections like Legos and other small toys look great displayed in a shadow box!

10. Trinket Shelves For Pez Collections

Trinket shelves aren’t just for your grandmother’s collections. They are often available at garage sales and thrift stores and can be revived with a bright coat of paint then filled with your child’s favorites. We love this big shelf that houses a marvelous collection of Pez containers!

11. Open Shelves For Toy Collections

If your child’s items are too big, perhaps they have a teddy bear collection, consider setting up a shelf or nook dedicated for just those items. Sometimes the collected items can be become a container for something else, like with this skateboard shelf.

12. Photo Albums For Artwork

Use photo albums to keep all your child’s art in. These large photo albums will help keep it all in one place and you’ll be able to look at it anywhere you want. The best part is these can fit onto a shelf!

13. Digital Photo Books For Artwork

Don’t have room for a lot of photo albums on the shelf? I feel that, I have way too many books. Which is what I collect, but a digital photo book is perfect to keep up with all your child’s artwork. Scan the artwork to the computer and have it displayed and change on this digital photo book!

14. Hanging Organizer For Collective TShirts

How to store your child's matchbox cars collection in a tacklebox- stuffed animals in hammock, action figures and dolls in shoe hanger- kids activities blog

Keep up with your toy collections is great for keeping up with t-shirt collections. Which sounds interesting, but if you don’t wear them, fold them (my son military rolls them) and places them in his hanging organizer. It frees up his closet and drawers.

15. Tackle Box For Matchbox Cars

Did you know a tackle box is perfect for keeping up with your matchbox car collection? How awesome is that, and a tackle box can sit easily on a shelf and under the bed.

16. Toy Box For Stuffed Animals

A classic toy box is perfect for a stuffed animal collection. Stuffed animals can take up a lot of shelf space, beds, and the floor. Stuff them all in a toy box all of their own. Stuffed animal hammocks are also great.

17. Shoe Organizer For Dolls and Action Figures

Want to know a great use for shoe organizers? They hold Barbie’s and Action Figure dolls! How cool! It’s a great way to keep your child’s collection off the floor and organized.

18. Collection Container For Blocks and LEGOs

These stackable collection containers are a perfect way to keep your kids collection organized. These would be particularly great for blocks, LEGOs, or anything like that.

No matter what your child loves to collect, there’s a way to contain it, and many times even display it as art. Help them create something they will be proud to show their friends!

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Do you have any ideas for storing your child’s collection? Share it with us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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