Backyard fun isn’t just pools and hot tubs, but rather anything fun the family can do together! We put together a list of great backyard ideas that will get that family out in the fresh air using fun ways. From mud pies, to fire pits, and more, we have a great list of outdoor play ideas.

backyard games for kids with balloons, mud, rocks, and grass.
Have a good time with all of these fun backyard play ideas.

Backyard Fun

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy all the fun and adventures in your own backyard! Don’t let your kids tell you they are bored when there are so many great fun backyard activities to do!

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Here are some fun backyard games for kids to get them moving, exploring and creating outside.

Backyard Games For Kids

We gathered many backyard games for the ultimate backyard fun! Most times we think we have to go do things, we have to go out, we have to personally keep our children entertained.

However, we often overlook our backyards! There is so much fun to be had! The best part is, this will get your kids away from the screen, up and moving, and these fun backyard games are a great way to spend time together as a family.

30 Fun Backyard Games For Kids

Fun Backyard kids ideas- tight rope activity with child going across tightrope- kids activities blog
Go across a tight rope!

1. Tightrope For Kids

Grab some sturdy rope and make a tightrope for your kids to walk on and climb over in your trees.

2. Water Balloon Piñata

Grab the water balloons – only string them up and have your kids swat at them with a bat – it’s water balloon piñata !

3. Summer Bucket List

There are SO many ways to keep your kids busy this summer – check out this summer bucket list of 50 quick and easy ideas.

Fun backyard kids ideas- make a summer bucket list- kid hanging upside down- kids activities blog
Make a summer bucket list with all the things you want to do this summer.

4. Backyard Ideas For Kids

Make tunnels in the mulch for your kids to drive their cars through – it’s a backyard construction zone!

5. Water Wall

Summer is more fun with water! Make a water wall with your kids, it is such a great way to stay cool.

Get your Bubbles Popping With These Backyard Games

backyard activities for kids with colorful bubbles, bubble snakes, water gun races, and a bubble station
Have some outdoor space? Perfect, try some of these backyard games then!

6. Bubble Painting

Bubbles are a blast to blow and paint with.  Try making some bubble art this summer with your kids. Bubble painting is so much fun!

7. DIY Bubbles Station

You can also set up a DIY bubble station for your kids to experiment making the biggest and the best bubbles.

8. Water Gun Race

And they can get the bubble goo off their hands with a water gun race – by the cupful – down a zipline!  This is guaranteed to get your kids good and wet!

Fun backyard kids ideas- colorful bubble snake purple with sock and rubber band and red solo cup
Make your bubbles look like a rainbow!

9. Colorful Bubble Snakes

Colorful Bubble Snakes are a blast to create.  All you need is a empty bottle with the bottom cut out, an old sock, bubble juice and food dye (cause everything is more fun when it’s colorful).

10. Backyard Activities For Kids

Backyards are a blast – here is a list of activity ideas for the outdoors with your kids.

Backyard Activities For Kids

Backyard activities for kids with water blobs
Want fun ideas to beat the heat this summer? We’ve got the greatest ideas.

11. Water Blob

Want to make memories and be the coolest mom ever this summer? Check out these Water Blobs!  

12. Make Your Own Fossils

You can grab the playdough and take it outdoors and find backyard objects to make fossils of – good times with a dose of learning!

13. Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Spend time together with these outdoor movie night ideas. Add a blanket, add some snacks, and a movie. This is one of my favorite backyard activities.

Fun backyard kids ideas dart game for kids- kids activities blog
This is such a clever activity! And budget friendly, you can get q-tips and straws for a dollar at the Dollar Tree!

14. Dart Game For Kids

And Q-Tips. This dart game for kids will keep your kids busy for HOURS. All you need is a yard, some straws and q-tips. Your yard will be covered with cotton swab darts and your kids will no longer be bored.

15. Inflatable Easel

Set up a giant inflatable easel and let your children paint portraits of the nature around them!

16. How To Make Bubbles

Backyard Bubbles don’t just have to be blown. There are so many different ways to make bubbles. So, learn how to make bubbles 6 different ways!

backyard fun with your family with jumping, building, and creating
This is the first time that outdoor play can be fun and educational.

17. Shadow Art For Kids

Play with shadows in the outdoor afternoon sunlight. It is the best time to make this shadow art for kids.

18. Sidewalk Chalk Games

These sidewalk chalk games are so much fun! Create a giant board games so kids can enjoy the ultimate backyard games!

19. DIY Feely Box

Get Sensory – on a big scale! Make a DIY feely box and have fun pouring rice and other objects in a big bucket.

20. Skip It Toy

This recess classic is great for kids who are solo. They can still skip and hop! Skip It toy used to my absolute favorite.

Pretend Play Outside

backyard games like water play, watering plants, and making a play tent.
You don’t need a play set or even backyard fun pools to have fun! You can have fun with backyard gardens, water, and even boxes!

21. Water Sensory Bin

Love this idea for a pretend backyard world.  Make a mini-pool (water sensory bin) in your driveway using a tarp and some objects to help the water pool.  Fill it up and add your “mini-world” objects for an afternoon of pretend.

22. Play Tent

Another fun pretend world can be made with just a clean GIANT pizza box!  Decorate it and make it into a tent.

Fun backyard kids ideas- diy watering can made from recycled bottle watering green plants

23. DIY Watering Can

Water the plants – with soda bottle watering cans. SO fun! These DIY watering cans are so much fun to make.

24. What Is A Chalk Rock?

What is a chalk rock? Create a set of rocks for your kids to color and explore, all on the sidewalk outside. Perk: Less waste. You get to use up the little chalk bits and scraps at the same time!

backyard fun with bubbles, balloons, games, a water wall, DIY car wash, and sensory bin
Flowers aren’t just home decor, they can be used for sensory play.

25. How To Make Bubbles

Don’t have time to run to the store for bubbles? That’s fine! You can easily learn how to make bubbles.

26. Kerplunk Game

Back yard games are the best for parties!  Try making your own version of KerPlunk game in your yard.

27. Outdoor Waterfall Wall

Waterfalls!! Make your own outdoor waterfall wall on your fence! All you need are old containers and willing participants.

Fun backyard kids ideas diy bike and car wash in the backyard with streamers, sponges, and spraying water
Make your own DIY bike/carwash in your back yard!

28. Fun Backyard Ideas For Kids

These fun backyard ideas for kids are SO fun! Make a back yard car wash for your kids to take their toys, bikes and trikes through.  The toys will get a needed bath and your kids will have a blast.

29. Fairy Soup

Have blossoms and flowers from your yard? How about grass clippings? Your kids can make a batch of petal soup in a water table. This fairy soup is so much fun to make!

30. LEGO Bowling

Go Bowling – with ice! Make ice balls to roll and knock over LEGO pins.

More Outdoor Fun & Backyard Activities Your Kids Will Love!


How do your kids play outside?  We would love to hear more about it!

What backyard activity do you plan on trying? We’d love to know!

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