Disney Fanatics, This Song is for YOU! [Video]

Is there a Disney Princess living at your house?  

Here is a little girl who recently told us why she is NOT a princess… but most likely she, and many of the kids in our homes, will LOVE singing along with their favorite movies!

Disney Fanatics This Song is for You Video - Kids Activities Blog - little girl with a princess crown
We all want to be a Disney princess…

This medley is just for them!  

This is all of the princess medley‘s wrapped up into one song!

Disney fanatics – enjoy.

Disney Princess Medley Song Video

Like that Song and Want More Fun Videos?

Here is a rendition of Les Miserables “One Day More” sung by teachers.

Teachers break into song

For the Parents of the picky eaters on a hunger strike avoiding anything green.  This one is for you.

Frozen Parody - Picky Eater
Because EVERY mom out there can relate to this.  If it is not picky food, it’s picky something!


Did you sing along with the Princess songs?