My kids are a bit obsessed by all-things bear.

I think it might be because they see bears as a lot like them. 

Bears are curious creatures that like to play.

Bear Rolling Down a Hill Video - Kids Activities Blog
Oh you cute bear, you!

And they just look so cuddly and fun to be around…

…if you overlook the whole human as food issue.

One of my kids has “hug a bear” on his bucket list.

In fact, when we were on vacation in Colorado this summer, they spent a large amount of their time looking for a bear.

Thankfully, no bear hugging occurred.

bear rolling - kids activities blog

But this bear kinda proves their point…bears just like to have fun.

This video is super precious and I wish that my kids could have seen it in person, but YouTube will have to do!

Take a Look!

Bear Rolling Down a Hill Video

Other favorite videos…that feature bears!


Now, admit it.  You want to roll down a hill with a bear too!

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