Moving is always  stressful, and moving with kids is most definitely a challenge! It is one of those life transitions where you can use all the sanity saving tips you can get, which is why I have a few moving tips for you today! movingwithkids
  1. Do the Drive By –  If you are just moving across town, drive you kids by the house as many times as you can, before you get the keys. Let them see the parks in the area and get a good idea of where they will be in the future. This can help them feel at home in the area even before they’ve spent the night in the new place.
  2. Move toys first – In our very first trip to the new house we had a box of toys, along with other moving day essentials like toilet paper and trash bags! We put a few toys in each of the kids rooms so that they could start getting used to the idea of their things moving houses.
  3. Child proof –  If you have younger kids, be sure to bring plug covers over immediately as well.  Plugs have never looked as tempting to a child as they do in an empty room! Installing those plug covers will eliminate a lot of safety worries as your kids run from room to room exploring their new house!
  4. Involve them  – before moving day brainstorm little ways the kids can help throughout the day. Jobs like carrying couch cushions to the car or holding the door for movers with heavy boxes. Giving them ways to feel important and involved can help curb their nervousness about the upcoming change.
  5. Talk about it! –  Ask them lots of questions about the move and encourage them to share what they are feeling. What are they most excited about? What parts of moving makes them nervous? What is their favorite part of your current home? What is their favorite part about the new house? Asking questions like this can help them explore how they are feeling about moving and give you the opportunity to comfort any fears that may come up during the conversation.
  6. Busy Bags –  Have small bags of special toys ready for them on moving day. Maybe a new story book, a stuffed animal, or some crayons and a personalized coloring book. Simple things that they haven’t seen before that will hold their interest and entertain them when they are board of “helping”.
Moving can be stressful on every one, so I hope these tips help make your moving day a bit less hectic! Once you have settled in, be sure to check out these 25 free ways to organize your home  and these ideas for organizing your playroom!

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