Did you know everyday items have secret uses! There are things we see everyday that we don’t realize have secret uses. Things that are meant to make our lives easier in one way or another. Check out some of these items that have everyday uses in this video!

hidden secret uses video - converse sneakers - Kids Activities Blog

Converse, why the rivets?

Everyday Things That Have Secret Uses

When it comes to everyday items, we don’t always think about the ‘why’ for what makes them a certain way. Like the way the flap lays over the zipper of your jeans. Or the weird numbers on our sauce packets. Or why women’s buttons are on a different side than men’s?

screenshot from Hidden Uses video - why are women's buttons on left and mens on the right

Why are the buttons on different sides?

Things We Overlooked That Have A Purpose

Turns out a lot of our everyday items that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about have surprising alternate origins, and some of them even have secret uses. Like, those Converse sneakers we all love so much? The cool holes in them aren’t just for show. They have a purpose.

keyboard hidden uses from video where F & J keys have ridges

Why just the “F” and just the “J”?

And some of the uses aren’t as noticeable…but exceptionally smart for what they are. Like the fact that Nintendo realized kids might put their switch cartridges in their mouths, so they actually coated them with a substance to make them unpalatable! Ingenious!

child sitting down in front of a bowl of nintendo switch cartridges to eat

I would not taste that if I were you…

There were a few things on this list that I already knew, but some that I never would have guessed. Did you know them all? Do you have others that you’ve heard that should have been included?

Take a look!

Things You Didn’t Know Have Hidden Secret Uses Video

Hidden Secret Uses:

  1. Front strap on a woman’s bra (:30) seems more relevant right now during a pandemic than ever before…WHAT??
  2. Buttons on women’s clothing on left (1:28) is perfect if you need a little help.
  3. Bumps on F & J keys on a keyboard (2:30) is something I knew because I took typing in high school.
  4. Zig Zag side of bobby pins (3:15) is designed to hold the hair in place better.
  5. Holes in a Converse (3:54) have a practical purpose.
  6. The shape of a Toblerone (4:30) chocolate bar makes it easier to break apart, but you are probably doing it wrong.
  7. Dimples in candy trays (5:20) make life easier.
  8. End of a toothpick (5:58) keeps it off the table.
  9. The number on Heinz sachets (6:53) gives secret information.
  10. Nintendo cartridge TASTE? (7:40) is caused by “denatonium benzoate, a ‘bittering agent’ coating that is one of the most disgusting chemicals known to man”.

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Did you know these everyday items have a secret use?

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