You use the fridge and freezer every day. You shop, food goes in, and some gets thrown out. And if you’re like most of us, there’s no real rhyme or reason to how things are arranged. You just squeeze new food into any available space. But what if we told you that organizing your fridge and freezer will save you time and money. Seriously! Check out these 25 tips for organizing the fridge and freezer, and you’ll see just what we mean.

How to Organize the Refrigerator and FreezerHow to Organize the Fridge and Freezer

Refrigerator Organization

Make over your refrigerator with chalkboard paint. It’s a great way to keep track of your shopping list when you run out of something, and you can put your menu for the week up there, too. Smart! via The Kurtz Corner Magnetized frames allow you to display your child’s artwork, magnets, and your shopping list without cluttering up your refrigerator’s exterior. via How Does She An attached bin can help you keep track of all those magnets, too! via Arts & Crackers Did you know you can deep clean your fridge in 20 minutes? Give it a try before you start to organize. via The Gracious Wife You’ll need a good DIY refrigerator cleaner, of course. via Happy Go Lucky  Or try the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning the Fridge if deep cleaning just isn’t your style. via Mad in Crafts  Let the kids help. Make it a game! The kid who gets rid of the most expired items wins a popsicle. via How Does She refrigerator organization tips

Fridge Organization Ideas

Inexpensive baskets can make a world of difference. Look how neat everything is! via Goodbye House, Hello Home The container system in this fridge is out of this world. Every little thing has a place. Swoon! via First Home Love Life A lazy Susan makes it so much easier to find the condiment or sauce that you need. via Kitchen Stewardship Put your eggs in a pretty basket that fits the door. Or don’t… you know, if you have little ones that like exploring the refrigerator. via Raising Up Rubies organizing your refrigerator and freezer

Tips To Organize the Fridge and Freezer

Keep your kids lunchbox items in one place. They’ll be able to pack their own lunches, and you won’t have to reorganize the contents of your fridge every time they open the door. via Echoes of Laughter Upcycled Crystal Light containers are the perfect size for carrots and celery. They’ll stay fresher longer. via The Social Home Blog If you drink sodas now and then, a soda can dispenser may be a worthwhile investment. It’s neater than the boxes! via Four Generations One Roof Install fridge mats to pretty up the inside of your fridge. via Mom Makes Dinner If you want something less permanent (and easily disposable), lay plastic wrap down on your shelves instead. via One Crazy House A DIY fridge deodorizer will keep your refrigerator smelling fresh long after you’ve organized it. via The Bold Abode  freezer organization ideas

Freezer Organization Ideas

Use magazine holders to create shelves in your freezer. via Aunt Peaches If you buy in bulk, use reusable shopping bags to sort like items in the freezer. via If You Do Stuff Taking the bags a step further, these color coded tags help you easily identify what’s in each one. This mom sorts into beef, seafood, poultry, etc. Isn’t that clever? (Photo Credit: via Amy Bay Liss).  Baskets are phenomenal for maximizing freezer space, particularly when you’re working with a small freezer. via The Glamorous Housewife Locker crates fit the smaller chest freezers perfectly, and they’re cheap to boot. via My Frugal Home Bottom drawer freezers are tricky, but here are some tips for making the most out of the space in a drawer freezer. via The Taylor House Keep a freezer inventory sheet to eliminate food waste. It’ll also help you avoid buying duplicates if you don’t get into the chest freezer often. via A Cultivated Nest

More Organization Hacks

8 Ways To Finally Organize Your Junk Drawer Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families! And for more organization hacks, check out the links below… Leave a comment: What organization tips for fridges/freezers would you add to this list?

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