12 Adorable Cork Crafts for Kids

Want creative wine cork crafts that kids of all ages can do? Look no further! We have fun and useful DIY wine cork projects that younger kids and bigger kids can do, and all of these clever ideas are great fun!

Cork Crafts

These cork crafts are perfect for giving something that goes into the trash a new life. Just like toilet paper rolls, you should be hanging onto this amazing craft resource. You can make so many fun things!

Next time you have a dinner party and enjoy a bottle of wine, keep the whole cork! It is a great way to make an easy craft. You can even use a champagne cork for most of these craft ideas.

We’ve all seen how people turn empty wine bottles into works of art, but now the old wine corks can be used in different ways with each simple craft.

Inspired by the creativity of Sassy Dealz, here are some fantastic ways to get crafting with corks.

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Adorable Cork Crafts for Kids

1. DIY Little Pigs Wine Cork Stamp

Make some little pigs by stamping a wine cork with pink paint. These would be great to incorporate with a book about the farm! Make sure you use the side that didn’t have the wine opener in, don’t want small fragments of cork in your art.

2. DIY Wine Cork Ladybug Stamp

Looking for more fun little projects? Have your kids turn a wine cork into a stamper and make little red ladybugs!

3. Wine Cork Sheep Painting Craft

Dip your cork in white paint and stamp in a circle pattern to form the body of a sheep. Then use construction paper for his face and legs.   So adorable!

4. Make A Tree Using Wine Corks

You can make a darling homemade holiday ornament by gluing corks in the shape of a tree.

5. Frogs On A Log Wine Cork Craft

Make frogs on a log! This adorable cork craft is one all the little boys will adore.

The owl and the pussycat wine cork craft- kids activities blog- cork cat, cork owl, in ss mackerel green boat
The owl and the pussycat wine cork craft is the cutest!

6. Favorite Characters Cork Craft

Turn a couple of corks into your favorite characters from the nursery rhyme The Owl & The Pussycat.

7. Use Wine Corks To Make Mini Butterflies

Cut out colorful hearts to use as butterfly wings and glue them to a wine cork. Add googly eyes and you have mini butterflies!

8. Cork Spring Chicks Craft

Make a few adorable spring chicks with yellow paint! Let your little ones add noses cut from orange construction paper.

9. Wine Cork Turtle Craft

You can make a pond full of turtles with a wine cork and a little green paint. Use a marker to draw on spots, a head and legs.

10. DIY Fairy Table Craft

Create a tiny fairy table for your figurines from wine corks and a champagne cork.

11. Homemade Wine Cork Shamrock Stamp

Save up a bunch of wine corks, especially if you have multiple kids!Glue together three wine corks and stamp them in green paint to make a shamrock.

12. Use A Wine Cork To Make Bunny Faces

Make bunny faces!   Use a cork to make the face shape and then paint on the rest of his features. Use a little piece of twine to add a bow tie!

Cork painting craft- kids activities blog- blue, yellow, green, brown, red, pink, and back paint, markers, and corks, bugs and snails painted on papers: flees, butterflies, snails, spiders, bees, ladybug, and caterpillar
Did you know you can paint with corks?

13. Cork Painting Bugs and Insects Craft

Paint bugs, insects, and creepy crawlies using cork, paint, and paper! So easy to do, and super cute! Love this cork painting craft. Love simple cork art crafts.

14. Super Cute Cork Crafts For Kids

It’s time to use up that collection of wine corks for these DIY wine cork crafts. Wine corks are so versatile. You can use them to craft butterflies, nights, dolls, snakes, bugs, animals, even cars. How cool!

15. Homemade Cork Ornament

What a great way to use up corks. Save those wine corks to make these super sweet ornaments. They’re perfect for the holiday to decorate your home, tree, or to give as a gift to a loved one.

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How did your cork crafts turn out? Comment below and let us know we’d love to hear from you!

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