I have always enjoyed playing with my food and creating fun treats like this  Corn Dog Butterfly  and my Corn Dog Bumble Bees  just makes me happy. I know a corn dog may seem entertaining all on it’s own. It’s on a stick and that’s always fun. Most kids like them as they are, but imagine how much more they would like them if they were dressed up to look like butterflies! Corn Dog Butterfly This edible corn dog butterfly craft is so simple and the kids can even help turn their plain corn dog into pretty winged insects. Believe me when I say these are the only kind of insects I’ll be eating, but I’d be more than happy to dine on these for lunch any day.

Corn Dog Butterflies

Ingredients: corn dogs 4 Doritos or other triangle shaped chips per butterfly 2 chow mein noodles per butterfly black food coloring marker (or use ketchup or mustard) Instructions: how-to-make-a-corn-dog-butterfly The first thing you need to do is bake your corn dogs. I prefer mine in the oven, but a microwave will work fine too. After they have been heated through, cut two slits on each side of the corn dog and insert the tips of two chips. Repeat on the other side. Insert two chow mein noodles coming out of the top of the corn dog for the antenna. draw-fac-e-on-corn-dog-butterfly Use a black food coloring marker to draw on some eyes and a smile, because these are happy butterflies. If you would rather use ketchup or mustard pipe on two dots and a smile. The corn dogs will have cooled off a bit at this point. Re-heat them just to warm them through. You don’t want to decorate the corn dogs then bake them completely, as the chips and chow mein noodles can burn, but putting them in the oven for a few minutes just to re-heat the corn dogs is fine. corn-dog-butterfly-on-plate Serve the corn dogs with mustard, ketchup or perhaps even mayo. Looking for more fun food to make? Check out these 12 Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Learn (and Play) With Food! You have got to check out this Homemade Corn Dog Recipe!

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