We are having some food fun with fruit kabob snacks for kids today. Good food is wholesome, healthy, filling, and delicious. Fruit kabobs are a good food choice that is also colorful and loved by kids. Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one enjoys this healthy and fun snack idea. Good Food: Fruit Kabobs {Fun Snack for Kids}

Fruit Kabobs for Kids

Fruit is a wonderful snack for children. It contains all kinds of wonderful nutrients and it has a wonderful fresh taste.  My son and I decided to create fruit kabobs that would contain some of his favorite fruits. We were able to pull some right out of our refrigerator and some we picked up at local grocery store’s salad bar. It was fun to talk about all the ways the fruit could be arranged on the kabobs sticks. Here are some of the ways we talked about:
  • By rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
  • By the size of the pieces (largest to smallest or smallest to largest
  • Patterned (pineapple, grape, strawberry, pineapple grape, strawberry)
  • By the order it appears on the plate going clockwise
  • Random chaos (Whatever you pick up you put on the stick.)

Fruit Kabobs are a Healthy and Fun Snack for Kids

Fruit Kabobs

We went for the random chaos approach with a twist. If the fruit was sampled and it wasn’t ripe enough or tasty enough, it wasn’t added to the skewer. Sometimes even favorite fruits aren’t favorites on a given day.

Good Food can be Fun for Kids with Fruit Kabobs

The skewers I put out didn’t have a sharp tip. The fruit had to been pushed on rather than just slid on.  Skewers with sharp tips can be a tad dangerous with preschooler and younger children. I try to avoid them when I can. These pinwheel skewers came with a dull tip. Hint: If you have some this sharp tips you might want to cut the tips off.

A fun snack for kids - Fruit Kabobs {good food!}

Snacks for Kids

More Fruit Kabob Hints:
  • This kind of snack is the perfect time to introduce new fruits. Children can sample a small piece of a new fruit and decide if they want to include it on their kabob.
  • You can brush honey over the fruit on the kabob to give the fruit more flavor
  • Some fruits are easier to push onto kabobs then others. Younger children or children with low muscle tone might need to work with really ripe fruit or ones that tend to be mushy.
The fruit kabobs are so color and festive. It was really hard for one of us to wait until I took this picture to dig in to it.

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Kids will beg for good food that is tasty and fun to eat. These fruit kabobs fit the bill because they are healthy, bright, colorful, and definitely a fun snack to eat. For more healthy kids food ideas, take a look at these: Did your kids enjoy this delicious snack? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.

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