Finding fun activities for babies can be challenging.  I remember having a baby and thinking, what should I do with him?  Obviously just talking and playing with toys is wonderful, but if you’re looking for some new fun ideas, we have a bunch! We love all these ideas that think outside of the box and get your baby engaged and having fun!  Remember, out of everything they have to play with, YOU are their favorite toy! 100 Activities for Babies

100 Engaging Activities for Babies

This baby game just needs an empty cardboard box and a few small plastic balls.  The simplest activities can keep a baby busy! With just a few things from around the house you can make a  baby play station  your baby will love. Make finger paint that is completely edible and non-toxic so even baby can paint and play. This is another baby activity that is simple to make from things around the house.  A  snowflake drop  is so much fun! You don’t have to wait until your kids are older to start making sensory bins.  Here is a  sensory bin  just for baby! Contact paper is fun for babies to play with by giving them buttons and other little objects they can easily stick on. Even  playing with a  muffin tin  is exciting for a little one.  Give them some plastic balls and let them place them in each slot. You can dye spaghetti  noodles bright colors and let your little ones play and feel. Make these  DIY sensory balls  to engage their sense of touch.  These are easy to make and so fun for them. Try making a  scarf pull  with scarfs inside a cardboard box baby can pull on. We also have over 50 ways for babies to play!
101 Activities for Babies
Below are the rest of the activities for babies.   You can even add your own!   By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post.   Family friendly links only, please. Check out these pom pom activities for one year olds!

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