This electronic UNO toy is perfect if you have younger kids! UNO is no longer just for the big kids anymore!! This electronic UNO toy will teach your kids numbers and colors! How cool is that! I love when toys are educational and I will be definitely getting this UNO toy for my kids!

Electronic UNO toy in box with cards, ring, and toy on a store shelf
This electronic UNO toy even comes with UNO cards for younger kids.

Fisher Price Electronic UNO Toy For Babies and Toddlers

Thanks to Fisher-Price, you can now get your baby an electronic UNO toy that teachers them numbers and colors!! Isn’t that so cool! Who knew the beloved UNO game could become something educational and fun for our babies and toddlers?

Electronic UNO toy with main piece, ring, and cards on white background
It comes with 5 cards! Each card has it’s own sounds, songs, and light when you put it in the UNO toy.

The other day I was at Target and I came across this adorable Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Counting and Colors UNO toy.

What All Does This Electronic UNO Toy Do?

Electronic UNO toy in box with cards, ring, and toy on a store shelf
What call can this electronic UNO toy do?

I’m glad you asked! The toy is colorful and makes over 30 sounds and phrases. It even lights up!! This UNO electronic learning toy has multiple colors, songs, and phrases. With over 30+ sounds you think that would be enough? Nope, it even teaches Spanish words!

Baby putting card in electronic uno toy on a white carpet
All you have to do is insert a card!

Your baby can insert a card into the slot to see the reader light up and offer fun songs and phrases about the items on each card. So, it is super easy to use, educational, and younger kids will love it. With all the lights and sounds, babies and toddlers, will be enthralled!

Electronic UNO Specs

This toy isn’t heavy, so you’re little one can carry it around anywhere! It only ways 11.3 ounces and is only 6.28x 3.79x 2.3 inches. Perfect for little hands.

It does require 3 AAA batteries to work. But what toy doesn’t need batteries nowadays? This toy is great for kids 6 months to 3 years old!

Back of box of electronic UNO toy with baby playing with the toy.
This toy can teach you colors, sounds, songs, numbers, and even Spanish words!

The toy plays 30+ songs, sounds and phrases teach counting, colors, familiar objects and even Spanish words!

Where To Find This Electronic Uno Toy

Side box of Electronic UNO toy with blue and orange writing and picture of toy with cards on store shelf
This is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers.

This would make such a great gift and is perfect for babies 6-36 months.

You can grab the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Counting and Colors UNO toy on Amazon for $10.99 here.

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What do you think of this electronic UNO toy? Would your baby or toddler love it? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you!

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