Three year olds are curious, active – at least mine seem to have an endless supply of energy.     They are beginning to make comparisons and differentiate patterns, colors and love to play pretend.   Here are just a few of our favorite three year old activities.   These activities were gleaned in part from from our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime. .preschool color hunt gamePreschool Color Activities Go on a color hunt through your house.   Seek out items that are all the same color.   This is a great clean-up activity. Play with paint.   Tinkerlab blew the paint around the page with straws with her kids.   My three years olds loved this activity. Make a stamping “wheel” with an old packing tape roll and foam stickers. Dye pasta with food coloring and rubbing alcohol.   Kids love to make dimensional collages with the colored pasta. Practice picking up pom-poms with tongs and play a matching game putting them into muffin tins (via Crayon Freckles). . fizzing sidewalk paintPotions Games for PreschoolersCreate a batch of fizzing sidewalk paint.   Enjoy watching your sidewalk bubble as you spray it off with vinegar. Have fun “cooking” in an outdoor-mud-kitchen.   Pepperpaints had fun making muffins with her girls. Oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water.   It has a consistency that is both solid and liquid, and can make great prints (via The Imagination Tree) Goop.   We have a favorite recipe, and Mossy does too!   We love slimy goop! Home Adventurer had fun emptying out expired items from her fridge and with some food dye had fun creating potions with her kids. . exercise activities for three year olds Physical movement for kidsGet physical.   Our boys just love using bands to help contain them and provide resistance as they run.   Great activity for developing team skills. Hopscotch is a long-time favorite activity.   Here are easy to follow instructions on how to make your own hopscotch rug. Stretchies are also great for independent exercise and stretches.   The girls at Making Stuff had fun with these homemade stretchy bands. This is on our to-do list.   Make a giant bubble for your kids to play in – it looks like so much fun! (via Play at Home Mom) Have leftover chewed on pool noodles?   Give them new life this fall/winter and use them as bats in a game of balloon batting. .

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  1. thanks! loved the tape roll paint thing. wanna see if my little sis. would like to do it! she totally loves drawing, coloring, painting, writing, making a car wash, collecting leaves, climb short trees, and build bird nests with string and sticks and grass, which i help her with! its really fun!!! ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS, I HOPE U ALL LIKE THEM AND TRY THEM OUT!!!
    i love the balloon thing too! oh and im fifteen 😀