All these strong moms shared these phrases that help your child grow and learn. There are mom phrases that work. These strong mom quotes are wise. And whether you’re a new mom, working mom, single mother, this wisdom always have merit. Mom phrases, mom expressions, mom quotes, whatever you want to call these, they’re still all amazing.

20 Catchy Mom Phrases that Actually Work article on Kids Activities Blog - mom and daughter hugging
It is a proven scientific fact that kids CAN listen!

Mom’s Catchy Phrases

We can all be strong mothers by knowing we are teaching our children and that these sayings will teach them lessons that will help them get through life.

Catch phrases for moms (or dads!) can be a powerful tool to communicate volumes to our children in simple, meaningful ways without having to have a large dialogue.

These 20 catchy mom phrases that really work  can be used in a  multitude of situations to impart to our children a desired response, an expected behavior or as a do over opportunity.

We all can think back to our childhood to those phrases that  uniquely belonged to our parents, and that communicated to us much more than the 5 or 6 words contained within.

Helpful Mom Phrases That Teach Kids 

1. Yes, Mommy

Yes, Mommy from Meaningful Mama: Use a fun game to teach your kids to respond right away to your instructions. It’s the perfect power of love and teaching obedience. Mother knows best, and it can be frustrating when here is a constant power struggle.

2. Who Are You Loving Most Right Now?

Who are you loving most right now? by Happy Home Fairy: Are your kids struggling with sharing? Happy Home Fairy encourages us to dialogue with our kids in purposeful ways about sharing. Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be hard to learn.

3. Please Say 2 Good Things

Please say 2 good things from Pritchard Ministries: Children are often caught using sarcasm or hurtful words between one another. Use this phrase from Pritchard Ministries to diffuse the sarcasm and  stir up your children to use life giving words instead. This is great for siblings in particular. When we come mothers we hope our children will all get along, and that isn’t always they case.

4. Try That Again

Try that again from Sacra Parental: Our kids are not always going to get it right on the first try. Why not use this to show them grace and give them an opportunity to give the desired response/expected behavior?

5. That’s Interesting. Tell Me More

That’s interesting. Tell me more: Let’s face it, our kids are going to come to us with hard things sometimes. Rather than panic, and make them instantly feel like they have made the wrong choice in coming to us, let’s practice saying this in a calm voice  ahead of time.

20 catchy mom phrases that really work
Mother phrases that make a difference…

6. People Are More Important Than Things

People are more important than things from Meaningful Mama: Another great dialogue on teaching our kids to share. This is especially important for a young child to learn that will follow them throughout their life. It doesn’t take much time to learn to share, but it’s definitely something that has to be reinforced.

7. Teeth Are For Food

Teeth are for food from Happy Hooligans: Do you have a biter? Rather than “Don’t bite others!” teach them an affirmative statement like this one. A mother’s love may be pure love, but patience can really be tested with biting. It’s hard to be a happy mother when you’re being bitten.

8. Use Good Judgement

Use good judgement by For the Family: Yes, we do need to teach our kids how to judge! There will be times when they are away from our care and will have to evaluate situations on their own. Remind them to use good judgement whenever they are leaving your care!

9. Choose Joy

Choose joy by Meaningful Mama: Joy is one of those things that might not always come automatic, and when we are not careful, we can really tie our circumstances to our joy. Why not start training your kids (and maybe you too!) to make a conscious effort to choose joy, instead of just depending on your circumstances to provide it? This is one of the more hard lessons. When things feel hard it can be hard to find joy.

10. Make It A Great Day

Make it a great day by Beauty Through Imperfection: Motherhood is not always a piece of cake… and somedays just feel harder than other. Rehearse saying this both to yourself and to your kids when you start to feel the day going downhill. It’s amazing how choosing to get into a positive mindset truly can begin to turn the negative around. This is such a sweet saying.

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Kids really do listen!

11. Be A Good Follower

Be a good follower by For the Family: Just like judging, being a follower can sometimes carry a negative connotation. See here why being a follower isn’t always bad, and how to encourage your children to be good ones!

12. I See God Working In Your Life

I see God working in your life by Happy Home Fairy: It can be easy to praise our kids in such a way that makes them think they don’t ever need God’s help. Happy Home Fairy shares a meaningful explanation of how giving credit to God for the great things we see our kids doing can produce spiritual fruit in their lives for years to come.

13. Obey Right Away, All The Way, And With A Happy Heart

Obey right away, all the way, and with a happy heart by Parenting With Jen: Partial obedience isn’t true obedience. Neither is obedience with a begrudging attitude! Try working on this one with your children instead.

14. You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful by Beauty Through Imperfection: There is much said in today’s culture about not tying our daughter’s self worth to their outward appearances. Of course, our girls are worth so much more than what they look like on the outside! But it also doesn’t hurt to tell those sweet girls sometimes that they are beautiful, and to assure them of where their true beauty comes from! Try it today- I guarantee your daughter will love it.

15. Spend Less, Give More

Spend less, give more by Meaningful Mama: Odds are your kids don’t need more things! Use this phrase to train them to think of how they can use their resources to bless others.

catchy mom phrases parenting - sticky notes with try that again, that's interesting, tell me more, use good judgement and choose joy
Which is your favorite catchy phrase?

16. It’s Okay To Say Yes

It’s okay to say yes by Kids Activities Blog: Our kids hear no from us. A lot. And they should! But sometimes its super fun, and can be very meaningful, when we say yes to the extraordinary. Why don’t you try saying yes?

17. What’s Next, Mommy?

What’s next, Mommy? by Meaningful Mama: Use this phrase to train in your kids an attitude of helpfulness and diligence in looking for ways to serve you and others! I think that is always a mother’s secret hope that their children will be kind and always willing to help.

18. Use Your Words Please

Use your words please by Beauty Through Imperfection: Teach kids to use their words to clearly communicate what they want, instead of whining, fussing, pointing or made up words. This was a big thing for me when I became a first time mom. Children’s hands can communicate a lot, but words are best when possible.

19. No Thank You

No thank you by Things To Share and Remember: We often have to say no to our kids, for their safety, protection and character growth. Why not try saying “No thank you” instead of just “No” the next time? It’s much more pleasing to the ear and will aid in training your kids to use their manners too.

20. Count To 10

Count to 10 by Beauty Through Imperfection: Often times our kids temper tantrums are due to having an unexpected change in activity. Learn how to explain to your child that something new is coming and that you will count to 10 to prepare them for the change. This gives them time to wrap their minds around stopping their current activity and moving on to the next thing!

Mom Expressions To Teach Your Kids

We all aspire to be a perfect mother, which is impossible, but we can be a good mother. And best friend, I’m here to tell you, you’re doing well.

All we can do is remember a mother’s love is unending and very close to a perfect love, the purest love, and try our hardest to direct our kids to the path they should take.

These beautiful quotes may not seem life changing, but they will use your wisdom to help your children with their adventure that is growing up.

I hope you will try some of these catch phrases for moms that really work! I’m sure you will quickly find the ones that are most appropriate and effective for your family.

Catchy mom phrases that really work - Kids Activities Blog - mom and daughter walking outside chatting
There are some things that moms say to kids that kids ACTUALLY hear!

More Parenting Advice from Kids Activities Blog

Here at Kids Activities Blog we are experts through action…like being a mom! Not studying moms. Not wondering what moms think…but by actually seeing what works in our own homes.

We have gathered all our strength of motherhood and wisdom and created some great content. Here are some things that we have learned so you don’t have to make the same mistakes!

What phrases do you find yourself repeating over and over?

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