The next time you are looking for a cool piece of art or unique gift idea, you need to get this Jigsaw Puzzle. This jigsaw puzzle is a piece of art…literally!

3 paint cans filled with art puzzles labeled "Joe Average" with puzzle pieces in front on white background
Let’s put together a puzzle of art!

Joe Average Jigsaw Puzzle Art

This JOE AVERAGE 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is more than just a puzzle you put together, it’s artwork.

art hanging on the wall that is a puzzle in nice modern room
When your puzzle can be more than an activity…

Spend time putting together this gorgeous puzzle and as you do, glue the pieces together.

ArtWork Puzzles You Can Buy

Artwork puzzle shown with 4 puzzle paint cans and a big put together puzzle of an artwork
Let’s put together art!

Once you’re done, you have a unique piece of artwork you can frame and hang on your walls!

  • The One World One Hope Puzzle Kit lets you bring the vibrant work of Canadian artist Joe Average to life on your table and then on your walls!
  • Each kit includes special glue and hanging strips so you can brighten up your home after enjoying the soothing and meditative process of puzzling.
Average Joe art puzzle kit includes everything you need to put together and hang your puzzle
Everything you need to put together and hang your puzzle.

One World One Hope Puzzle Kit Includes

  • Features Joe Average’s stained glass imagery, originally commissioned and designed for the 11th international conference on AIDS
  • High quality pieces are satisfying to put together
  • Comes with puzzle glue and velcro hanging strips to make it gallery ready
  • Everything is reusable and the glue bottle is recyclable
  • A portion of the proceeds benefits PAL Vancouver to support aging performing artists
  • 1000 Pieces
  • Measures 25” x 25”

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finished puzzle hanging in a modern room
Doesn’t this puzzle art looks great?

I think this would make a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift especially if you have parents that love art and/or puzzles.

Where to Buy Joe Average Puzzles

You can get the Joe Average Jigsaw Puzzle on Amazon for just under $40 here.

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What do you think of these cool art piece puzzles?

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