11 Quick Crafts {That Foster Meaningful Connections}

We love making quick crafts with our kids.  It’s such a good feeling to do something creative and really connect with our little ones.  Here are some fun things to do with your kids that foster really meaningful connections.

This amazing list of quick crafts is inspired by Crafting Connections.

11 Quick Crafts {That Foster Meaningful Connections}

 11 Quick Crafts {That Foster Meaningful Connections}

1.  Work together to make heart stones to gift to the people you love.  Write special messages on the back and talk about why you’re grateful they are in your life.

2.  Capture the light in your home with these lovely scented light catchers made with materials you have on hand.

3.  Find the beauty in every “oops” and talk about turning mistakes into something else entirely!

4.  Grab some fabric scraps, sheets and rags, then head outside for three fabric art projects inspired by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

5.  Create a card making kit with your kids so they can write notes to their loved ones on special occasions.

6.  Chase away bad dreams while elevating a bit of Grandma’s lace or doilies.  Feathers and beads complete this project and nightmares can be banished for good!

7.  Create a shiny gold frame (a shadowbox) to  display their prized possessions and creations. Elevating their art is another great way to show them they are special to you.

8.  These lovely lanterns will help light up the table for a party or just a weekly night dinner.

9.  Create a  little library  (it fits in a square jewelry box!) to capture all of the stories your little ones tell.

10.  Friendship bracelets are a great quick craft that you can make with your kids for the people they love.  Talk about friendship, why it’s important, and what they can do to be a great friend.

11.  Make your kids their own miniature city out of paper bags.  Play together and act out different stories and scenarios.

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