Coffee Filter Crafts {Roses}

I adore coffee filter crafts.

I don’t brew any coffee at home, but I somehow  always have an excess of coffee filters. The good news is that having them has inspired lots of coffee filter crafts.  Our latest inspiration came after we made paper plate roses.

Easy peasy roses ~ these are so fun to make!

Since my preschooler loves to paint, we wanted to come up with a way to paint and to make more roses.

So, we grabbed some  coffee filters.

I love using coffee filters as a canvas for watercolors because the colors spread and mix together as you paint.  The blending of the vibrant colors are what make these roses such a special coffee filter craft.

Materials for Coffee Filter Crafts Roses

  • Coffee filters
  • Watercolors

Make Coffee Filter Roses

 How to Make Coffee Filter Crafts Roses

  1. Separate one coffee filter for painting
  2. Set out watercolors with a large, soft brush (these have been the easiest to use without ripping the coffee filters in my experience)
  3. Paint and dry the artwork

Note: put something underneath the coffee filter because the watercolors leak through as you paint!

Once the coffee filters have dried, you can start turning them into coffee filter roses!

After you’ve finished making making your roses, turn them into a bouquet and dive into some more  coffee filter crafts!

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  1. Perfect! I am doing this with our four kids for mother’s day bouquets!

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