75 Family Breakfast Ideas to Start a Special Day

It occurred to me the other day that my family naturally spends time together each morning over breakfast.  Dinner together has always been a challenge because I don’t plan well, don’t cook well, sports is during that time, and work schedules often interrupt a traditional sit down affair.

But breakfast is there each morning as a time to catch up, make plans and giggle.  This uneventful moment reoccurs each day without much fanfare, but is the glue that holds my family together!

Breakfast is a daily celebration!

75 Ways to Make Breakfast Special - Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog adores working with Hallmark which is inspiring us to look at those little moments that don’t show up on the calendar and don’t require an invitation as special occasions.

Life is a special occasion!

In 2014, I want to shine a light on those little snippets of life that make family memories and for my family that starts with breakfast.  We have early rising children.  My three boys roll out of bed at a crazy-early hour.  This is a curse on weekends, but a blessing on weekdays.

They are independent getting ready for school and packing their own lunches and usually end up with quite a bit of down time in the morning to pick at each other.  That is where more attention to breakfast can actually be a double bonus.  It can give them something to do to decrease the fighting and increase the helping while spending time together as a family.

I asked my husband what he had for breakfast as a child and to my surprise I found out that his mother cooked breakfasts each weekday!  I look back on my own childhood and vividly remember every Sunday morning we had a special home-cooked breakfast.  These are the type of memories I want to share with my kids.

So!  I thought it would be fun to find some breakfast inspiration.  Some ideas to share that will help take away excuses NOT to celebrate this family gathering daily.  These ideas come from some of our favorite places online as well as our FB page.  Please suggest your favorite breakfast ideas in the comments below if I missed it!

Family Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Cookies – Yep, this is one of our favorites for obvious reasons.  This is my grandma’s recipe for cookies that just can’t be separated from a bowl with milk!

Straw Toppers – Surprise your family in the morning with straws in their OJ with these adorable {free} printable straw toppers from Hallmark.

Sausage & Egg Grilled Cheese – Looking at this just makes me hungry.  My family would adore this from The Taylor House.

Teach Kids to Cook – Spend breakfast time cooking together.  Love these tips for cooking with kids from Creative with Kids.

Potato Breakfast Casserole – This is a great one because it can be partially made the night before and then just popped into the oven when you get up in the morning.

Breakfast Picnic – Have a breakfast picnic!

Granola Bars – If time is limited, this is a great grab and go breakfast!  Make them together for even more fun.

Ham and Eggs Casserole – This yummy breakfast recipe can feed a crowd.

Leave a Love Note – You might want to make sure this is under the right plate at breakfast, but surprising your sweetie with a love letter is such a fun idea from Hallmark.

Breakfast Prank – Breakfast can be filled with a little silliness by doing this simple prank on your kids.  You may want to have an alternative for eating this morning!

Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole – This is so smart from The Taylor House!  Cook overnight and have a freshly made breakfast in the morning.

Crock Pot Hashbrown Casserole – Here is another yummy recipe that can be started the night before from Crystal and Company.

Scrambled Eggs & Cheese Egg Rolls with Sausage Gravy – I really don’t need to explain why you need this recipe from Living Locurto!

Snowy Kitchen – Use this printable pattern from Hallmark to create festive snowflakes to hang over the kitchen table.  Do it with your kids or watch how surprised they will be in the morning to find it snowed in the kitchen.

Make Pancake Letters – This is super fun for a letter learning lesson or on someone’s birthday to spell out their name in pancakes!

Egg Tacos – This is a great breakfast recipe because you can freeze it and heat it up in the morning.  It also is very portable is a family member is in a rush.

Cereal Bracelet – Use breakfast time to have a little fun and make a cereal bracelet.  You may be surprised how thankful you are to find you are wearing a snack about 11 am.

Protein-packed Breakfast Scramble – This is a favorite recipe from Martha Stewart.  It takes just 10 minutes to prep, so there will be time left to inhale it!

Kinda Lemony Pancakes – With an unexpected ingredient, these are sure to please the entire family.

Lumpy Pumpkin Bites – C’mon, admit it, you need to know what these are!  What a fun idea from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Tell a Story – I adore this idea from Hallmark to tell a story.  With these fun tips, the whole family will be telling tall tales around the breakfast table.

Nutella Stuffed French Toast – Another super good idea for breakfast from Living Locurto!

Breakfast Quesadillas – These are packed with lots of yumminess!  I adore them from Iowa Girl Eats.

Shop Together – Use the grocery store visit as a learning experience as you shop for future breakfasts with your kids.

Breakfast Pizza – This yummy Bubble Pizza is from The Taylor House…too good to miss.

Pumpkin Snakes – These pancakes from Kiddie Foodies are rolled into the shape of my least favorite animal, but are so cute to eat!

Family Hearts – These ideas from Hallmark are directed at Valentines Day, but isn’t everyday special enough to share a sweet heart with a family member?

Healthy Egg Breakfast – This is one from The Taylor House that I want to eat, but I think the kids might like it too if there were some ingredient options.

Banana Spiders – Since we are eating creepy food, how about these precious banana spiders?

Dessert for Breakfast – Make these cereal-based treats for everyday breakfast fun from Yahoo Shine.

Baby Frittatas – This kid-friendly breakfast idea from Hallmark is something I can’t wait to try.  Just looking at it make my mouth water!

Teddy Bear Pancakes – A super cute breakfast recipe idea from Kiddie Foodies that is shaped like teddy.

Oatmeal Mickey Mouse – I know you are thinking that oatmeal doesn’t really “form” into anything, but you will be proved wrong when you see Creative Kid Snack’s version of this icon.

Fruit Kabobs – This adorable idea uses pinwheels as the base for some yummy fruit-on-a-stick.

Pancake Recipe without Gluten, Dairy or Eggs – This is a tried and true recipe from Creative with Kids that can help the entire family eat together even if some members have dietary restrictions.

Baked Egg Sandwich – OK, this is so cute, you just have to see it!  It is a baked egg sandwich shaped into a teddy bear from Kiddie Foodies.

Cinnamon Roll Snail – The perfect kid food that parents want to eat too from Living Locurto.

Nutty Chimp Bread  – This version of monkey bread looks delicious.  I can’t wait to try this easy recipe from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Peanut Butter Hand Pies – I could eat these any time of day, but breakfast sounds like a good start!

Shaped Pancakes – This smart idea comes from Learn Play Imagine.

Mini Muffin Ideas – These mini muffins will be healthier if you choose one of these 4 ideas to cut the sugar in your favorite muffin recipe.

Muffin Tin Omelets – My family adores this recipe and creates an omelet bar so each can have just the right amount of ingredients!

Snowflake Pancakes – I adore this idea for snowflake pancakes from Having Fun at Home.

Very Hungry Caterpillar – Inspired by the book, Karla M Curry created a sweet breakfast menu that would satisfy even a very hungry eater!

Breakfast in a Jar – I love this Strawberry Breakfast Parfait from The Taylor House that is stored in a jar.  You could make a whole bunch for each family member ahead of time.

California Breakfast Casserole – This looks over-the-top amazing from Key Ingredient!

French Toast Sticks – This is so fun from Weelicious.

Paint your Pancakes – We love that this breakfast brings in art…what will you paint?

Shamrock Eggs – It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy this festive breakfast!

Breakfast Gingerbread House – Inspired by this gingerbread house from Hallmark, I thought it would be super fun to use graham crackers, cream cheese and fruit to create mini breakfast houses!

Blueberry Grover – This adorable idea from Creative Kid Snacks is just too cute not to try at your house!

Southwest Breakfast Casserole – If beef for dinner just isn’t enough at your house {like it isn’t at mine}, then this easy casserole from A Day in the Motherhood will be a family-pleaser!

Lazy Woman Bread – This is a super easy bread recipe that can be made all at once or a little at a time.  Perfect for your breakfast schedule…mmmm, fresh bread!

Breakfast Granola Cups – Yum.  Yum.  Yum.  This unique idea from Quick and Easy Recipes is sure to be a hit!

Strawberry Shortcake Crepes – Crepes are a favorite at our house and I can’t wait to try this version from The Taylor House.

Apple French Toast Overnight Casserole – Easy to pull together the evening before and yummy to eat the next day.  What a great breakfast recipe from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Stylish Hard-boiled Eggs – Use these adorable printables from Hallmark to serve eggs in a fashionable way.  You don’t have to wait for Easter for all the fun!

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes {Gluten-free} – One Creative Mommy has a delicious recipe for chocolate chip Pumpkin pancakes that is shaped into a pumpkin!

Breakfast Sundaes – These look so good and taste even better from Recipe.com.

Breakfast Doggie Bag – Like even the finest restaurants, you can send a breakfast doggie bag along with a family member for a mid-morning snack.

Oatmeal Smoothie – We love this recipe from Healthy Mama Info that combines some of our favorite breakfast foods into a delicious smoothie.

Homemade Syrup – Your family will never want store-bought again, so choose this delicious recipe from Our Best Bites carefully!

Edible Books – Eat books for breakfast!  This crazy and cool idea is from Red Ted Art.

Bird’s Nest Breakfast Cups – Eggs and Bacon never looked so fancy, yet easy to make from Taste of Home.

Perfect Latke – I love this information from Hallmark about serving up the perfect Latke…yum!

Pancake Topping Bar – Your favorite breakfast restaurant will not be able to compete against your homemade pancake bar!

Play a Table Game – You will never look at waiting with a child the same after you see these amazing ideas from Family Chic from Camilla Fabbri that turns the breakfast table into a game table.

Easy Oatmeal! – This is something I made daily and here are some tips on how to make it quick and easy…and yummy!

Snowman Pancakes – These had me at bacon scarf…

Table Talk – Get kids talking with some questions they won’t mind answering.  Love these breakfast ice-breakers from Ooph.

Lemon Poppyseed Jam-filled Muffins – These look amazing from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Family Eggs Benedict – This easy recipe has a secret weapon – the Poach Pod!

Homemade Placemats – Almost any artwork can be turned into a placemat!  Each member of the family can create their own.

My Favorite Waffle Recipe – I have tried many, many recipes.  I am a waffle connoisseur.  This is my favorite!

Peanut Butter Smoothie – This is just full of yummy!

Ovaltine Fruit Dip – This chocolate-y drink doesn’t just have to go into milk.  It can be the main ingredient of a fun fruit dip for breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins – Oh…and they are healthy!  Check out this yummy idea from Luv a Bargain.

Table Entertainment – Modify these dinner games for breakfast and you will start the day informed!

Easy Skillet Breakfast – One of our favorite breakfast spots has the most amazing skillet meals.  I can’t wait to try this from 3 Boys and a Dog to see if I can make something as yummy at home.

Heart Egg in a Basket – This is simply the cutest idea, ever!  Go check out how Reclaiming Provincial is serving eggs.

Breakfast Cards – Everyday is special.  You don’t have to wait for a holiday to share a greeting card with those closest to you!  Hallmark has cards for every occasion…even breakfast!

Everyday is special and breakfast can help start the day in that direction!  Check out all the fun over at Hallmark for creative ideas and inspiration!

Happy New Year from Hallmark! Share how you ™ll create memories with your family in the new year. Visit Hallmark.com/explore for their full product line and special offers. Life is a special occasion so celebrate!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hallmark. The opinions and text are all mine.