How to make oatmeal has become an art form at my house. daily quaker oatmeal routineEvery morning I make Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast. Every morning. I like the REAL Old Fashioned Oats ¦none of the quick stuff for me. Years of oatmeal making have been efficiency-ized to the point where it is now a few simple steps that takes seconds to complete:
  1. Large glass measuring cup filled to the 2 cup line with water.
  2. A bit of salt thrown in.
  3. One cup of Quaker Oats added from the measuring cup that is left in the oat container.
  4. Microwave for 6 minutes.
Once it is done, 1/2 either goes to Rhett or Rhett's school lunch.   The other half is mine. And that is where I usually just throw on a little brown sugar and eat.   It is great, BUT how much GREATER would it be if I had an oatmeal topping bar at my disposal? Like the kind you would find at a fancy brunch. I could LIVE at a fancy brunch. Every day would be SO much better if I had an oatmeal topping bar. Today I am improving my life with some oatmeal topping action. oatmeal topping bar in jarsYes, it is super simple.   I don't know why I didn't make this life changing step YEARS ago.   I bought some jars that could be left out on the kitchen counter as decoration between breakfasts and filled them with pecans, brown sugar and Craisins. {I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby, but had to be careful because the majority of the jars I came across were not approved for use with food which kinda undermined the project.} The jars look so pretty sitting next to my fruit bowl which might even encourage oatmeal fruit placement. In fact, mere seconds after I took this picture, I sat down and ate my embellished cereal ¦ oatmeal topping bar with oatmeal ¦feeling like I was living at a fancy brunch.

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