Does your family play dinner games at meal time?  Here is a great idea for fun family games  that can liven up meal time in your home.  Kids Activities Blog knows you’ll appreciate that these games can also encourage vegetables to disappear.  Yes, that’s right.  Read on!

5 dinner games for families

Dinner Games

Dinner time is such an important time to come together as a family and bond over a meal. We like to recap our day at meal time, but sometimes there is just a lag in conversation, so we have a few fun dinner games that we love to play. It allows us to add a fun and lively conversation to our meal. Most of the time, we have such a fun time with our dinner games, time passes by and before you know it, the kids have eaten all their veggies! Gotta love that!

Family Games

Here are a few of our favorite family games: Lucky Veggies
  • Bring a single die to the dinner table
  • Start with the youngest player
  • Whatever number they roll, they must eat that many veggies (or other healthy food) off of their plate
  • Pass the die to the next player and continue
  • The person who eats all their veggies wins!

Guessing Games

What’s Missing?
  • One player closes their eyes
  • While their eyes are closed, everyone else takes one item off of the table and hides it in their laps (spoon, napkin, salt shaker, etc)
  • The player opens their eyes and tries to guess what is missing
  • Do this in reverse with everyone closing their eyes except one person who takes 4 items off the table.  The first person to guess all four items wins!
What’s in the Sock?
  • One person hides a “secret” object in a clean sock
  • They pass the sock around the table and lets everyone feel the object on the outside of the sock
  • Everyone guesses what is in the sock, and whoever guesses correctly gets to hid a new object
  • A variation of the game is to use an oven mitt to hide the object in

Good Games

Do You Know Me?
  • Kids test the adults with fun questions like these:
    • What is my favorite class?
    • What do I usually play at recess?
    • Who are my two favorite friends at school?
    • What is my favorite TV show?
  • Now the Adults get to test the kids too with questions:
    • Where was I born?
    • What was my favorite subject in school?
    • What sports did I play when I was a kid?
    • What cities have I lived in?

Game Night

  • Write each family member’s name on a slip of paper and put them in the center of the table
  • Everyone takes a turn choosing a slip and then thinks of something nice to say to that person
  • For example, Mom may be the best “cookie baker” or Brother may be “best bike-riding partner”
  • Everyone takes a turn stating their award

Kids love to play dinner games at the table {Family Game}

More Kids Activities

Do you have any fun dinner games you like to play with your family at meal time to encourage discussion and family bonding?  What other family games do you enjoy?  For more kids activities, we hope you will like some of these ideas:

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  1. Love these. Dinner has become kind of a nagging chore, with our 3yo either getting up a hundred times (and being scolded) and exhibiting atrocious manners for attention, or him interrupting both of us. We definitely include him in the conversation, but he usually is dazzling us with his super powers of observation, “Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma! Milk is not spicy.” These games will be a great way to engage all three of us and cut down on the threats and bargaining.