DIY Toy for Baby: {Noisy} Snowflake Drop

This DIY toy is perfect for playtime with baby!  It is a  Snowflake Baby Toy that is  easy to make and will provide tons of entertainment for the little one.

Kids Activities Blog welcomes Krissy from B-Inspired Mama as a Quirky Momma for the day.  She is here to share with you this fun DIY Snowflake Baby Toy!

DIY toy


Create a simple snowflake baby toy with these DIY toy instructions.  Some of these materials are very specific, but feel free to modify the baby toy so that it is custom for you and your child.

DIY Toy Supplies:

  • clear, clean plastic jug (I found mine at the dollar store.)
  • white paint pen
  • unfinished wooden circles
  • PSA Essentials Self-Inking Stamper
  • PSA Essentials Fancy Flakes Peel & Stick Stamps
  • PSA Essentials Turquoise Ink Pad
  • PSA Essentials Royal Blue Ink Pad

DIY toy instructions

DIY Toy Instructions

Now it is time to put it all together!

  1. Use the white paint pen to draw snowflakes and Snowflake Drop  on the sides of the plastic jug.
  2. Use the PSA Essentials supplies (or other stamps) to add snowflakes to the wooden circles.
  3. Under careful supervision, let baby drop the snowflakes and listen to the sounds they make.

Creating snowflakes from some different materials might be fun as well.  Craft pom poms, cotton balls and paper snowflakes would all feel different to the touch and make different sounds.

Krissy is a former art teacher turned full time mama of 3. You can find her blogging at B-Inspired Mama.

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  1. If you were to put letters on the wooden circles you would be able to say things like, ” Oh, look! You have the yellow Y.” I’m not saying force them to look, but simple exposures like that go a long way. Also, when they’re a little older you could put the cap on it with a cut out hole to help with fine motor. Oh, I’m going to have to make this! I love activities you can change and make new. Thanks for the idea!

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