We are constantly coming up with (and cleaning up!)  one year old activities  in my house. That’s why I’m excited  to share these one year old activities that are in baskets, bottles, and bins because they are so easy to put out for little ones.  We put baskets and bins of toys out for my son to explore and both of my kids enjoy the sensory bottles.  Each of these 30+ one year old activities  are open-ended play that will keep babies busy and learning, too! one year old activities that are in baskets, bottles, and bins.  There such easy ways to keep babies busy and learning, too! I love these play ideas for one year olds because you don’t need to go out to the store to make them! So many of these baskets, bottles, and bins are put together with items from around the house.  We’ve found that putting my one year olds toys in themed baskets really helps with clean up time, too.

One year old activities in baskets. I love that you can do so many of these with items from around the house!One Year Old Activities in a Basket

Create color themed baskets for baby to explore | Natural Beach Living Theme an entire play date around an Itsy Bitsy Spider basket | House of Burke Keep a small, travel basket to take  on the go | The Imagination Tree Gather favorite photos for a family themed basket | Montessori ici Bring nature inside for babies to explore | An Everyday Story Take everyday items from your kitchen for a quick and easy treasure  basket for baby | Living Montessori Now Simple circles  are such a wonderful shape for baby to grab and explore  | The Imagination Tree Create a sound basket for baby | Happily Ever Mom This is a big hit in our house ~ a ball themed basket! | Living Montessori Now A scented basket is sure to be a big hit with babies (and older children, too!) | An Everyday Story Don’t overlook how enticing an adorable pair of pink shoes can be in a pink themed basket | Wildflower Ramblings Make your own spider web for baby with a laundry basket | Train Driver’s Wife

Simple baby play with bins and boxesOne Year Old Activities in a Bin or Box

Simple sensory bins  are the perfect entertainment for babies! Kids will love playing in a bin  with this edible snow recipe | Fun at Home with Kids Use  a box with ping pong balls as easy entertainment. Toys in a  water bin are the perfect way to entertain baby on a hot day | Wildflower Ramblings Let baby admire the stars with this twinkly lights box | Where Imagination Grows Make a baby ball pit | Carrots are Orange This cardboard car will entertain little ones for hours! | Craftulate Use a box and bins to make an irresistible baby game | Childhood Central When your done playing with a box, turn it into a touch and feel board | Happily Ever Mom Make a  beach bin with edible sand! | Fun at Home with Kids Simple sensory bottles for baby

One Year Old Activities in a Bottle

Make an amazing glowing bedtime bottle for baby (or any age!) Simple sensory bottles for baby with items from around the house | Sugar Aunts Rainbow sensory bottles are perfect for little hands | Fun at Home with Kids Use ingredients from your kitchen to make amazing sensory bottles for baby | Modern Parents Messy Kids Put an ocean with seashells in a bottle for baby to explore | Childhood 101 Use only 3 ingredients to make an ocean sensory bottle | Happy Hooligans Make night and day sensory bottles | Twodaloo Let baby explore color mixing with these galaxy sensory bottles | Lemon Lime Adventures Make a music themed sensory bottle | House of Burke This gorgeous spring flower sensory bottle  is a perfect way to bring Spring inside for babies | My little 3 and Me   Do you love baby play as much as we do? Come on over to our Facebook page and tell us what you love to do with your little one at home ~ we’d love to hear!

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