Summer time means water activities and – for my family – lots of sensory toys! So, we recently shared our excitement about the outdoor water blobs. And, we have moved our dinosaur dig sensory bin into the sand box.

So, what’s next?

What kind of sensory toy is perfect for water play, in our pool? And, I need it small enough that I can bring it to the bath tub, other times of year.

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Reusable Floating Clay from Craft Magical

Making a splash is Floating Modeling Clay, from Craft Magical!

It is floating, reusable, non-hardening modeling clay that is like playdough, but better!

This stuff like magic no matter how many times you mold it!

You get 24 sticks of floating clay, six stencils, a rolling pin, and a precision carving tool. OH! And I almost forgot to mention the adorable story book that comes with it! Click here to see everything that comes with it!

Read the original story that engages kids in an undersea adventure and shows how to make the characters to take on a real life adventure of their own.

Then, make the characters, together! These fun little sensory toys are squishy and moldable without feeling sticky or crumbly!

Once the story is done, it’s time for fun! Take your friends outside to the pool or reuse the clay to make something entirely new!

Mother and daughter follow along the story with the friends they made, together.

Does it really float?

It does really float! The clay is lighter than water, no matter how many times you reuse it! That saves you the trouble of having to retrieve it from the very bottom of the pool.

Is this a sensory toy for toddlers?

Absolutely! It is suggested for ages 3+. Just in case, the clay is non-toxic and gluten-free! Toddlers need tactile stimulation and building with clay is an excellent opportunity to build fine motor skills.

Is this a sensory toy for people with autism?

It is, indeed! Because this clay is oil based, it does not dry out and crumble. It also does not have an uncomfortable texture or smell. This combats a lot of sensory issues experienced by people with autism. So, this is a wonderful sensory toy for people with autism to enjoy.

Note: It can stick a little to hard surfaces so we recommend playing on parchment paper, if you won’t be taking it into the water.

Is this a bath toy, too?

When the weather changes, and pools are no longer an option, you can take your new favorite sensory toy into the bath, as well!

Want your very own reusable floating clay?

Look no farther! Click here to be taken directly to Amazon! Then, you can start your own adventure with this fantastic summer sensory toy!

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