Sensory activities are good for preschoolers development of their brains, their sense of creativity and awe of the world. Here are some of our favorite recipes for play – with things that you can create or share as a DIY gift for kids. sensory recipes for kids Bigger is better – especially when it comes to bubbles!!   Included in Happy Hooligan’s site is a recipe for bubble juice and instructions on how to create your own “gigantic wand” with straws and string. Colorful sand is fun to use in layered creations and to add variety and dimension to painting projects and sensory table play. Here is a recipe to make your own from Flax and Twine. We’ve made our own DIY for kids bouncy balls in the past.   The kids loved seeing the ball come to life.   Glow in the dark bouncy balls are a blast to explore and experiment with. This recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose is easy to follow.   sensory recipes for kids Create a collection of colorful, edible mini-water beads for your kids to squish and play with using seeds. via Fun at Home with Kids. Sometimes the best recipes for play are the ones that are the easiest to pull off!   This recipe is genius using chalk and shaving cream. via Growing a Jeweled Rose. Castles – you don’t need sand to build some structures with your kids.   Have fun building with this cornmeal-based sensory recipe. Moon Sand is messy but fun!   It feels like sand, BUT you can mold it together.   Lightly spray it with water when it starts to crumble.   via The Imagination Tree.   sensory recipes for kids Make colorful beads using items commonly found in the kitchen – pasta and food dye!!   via The Artful Parent. Rice is a fun addition to any sensory table.   Not Just Cute has an easy tutorial on how to whip up several colorful batches. Bath scrubs are fun for preschoolers to enjoy.   My kids love borrowing my scrubs, smelling them and rubbing them over their bodies during bath time.   Great recipe from Smart School House. Make a sheet of candy – this would be fun to break apart and share between a group of friends after they create the tasty treat!   via Teaching Preschool. sensory recipies . . HTML Map

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