Thanksgiving is almost here, and we all know what it means: quality family time, thanksgiving activity for kids, and the yummiest food!

There are so many ways to make Thanksgiving special. Cooking is one of those fun activities you can do together with your little ones! These thanksgiving dinner desserts are both delicious and easy.

Thanksgiving american stuffing turkey candy treats
One of the best things about Thanksgiving is spending time with family and eating delicious food like these turkey candy treats!

Cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner can take hours, that’s why we made a list of 5 easy last minute thanksgiving recipes that you can have as a backup plan!

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration will be a bit different from the rest, but at least it comes with exciting news for candy corn lovers: Turkey dinner-flavored candy corn.

Yes, you read that right. It’s an entire Thanksgiving candy into one bag.

thanksgiving candy corn
Source: Brach’s
Find this unique Thanksgiving-themed candy corn bag at Walgreen’s!

Brach’s came up with a new Thanksgiving-themed candycorn bag with 6 different flavors and we can’t wait to try them all.

This turkey candy treat bag includes six unique flavors: green bean, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potato pie, and ginger glazed carrots.

Thanksgiving candy corn
If you want to make your Thanksgiving dinner even more special this year, add these candy corn sweets to the menu!

Although roasted turkey doesn’t sound too tasty, a sweet potato pie candy corn and cranberry sauce candy corn sound like they could be delicious.

While those flavors may be better than the others, they surely won’t taste as good as these pilgrim cookies or these 25 delicious thanksgiving turkey desserts. But we won’t know for sure until we try them!

Brach's Candy corn thanksgiving treats
Sources: FoxNews
Whether you like candy corn or not, you’ll want to try these Thanksgiving treats for yourself, you might end up loving them!

So what do you think about Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn? Want to try them out? Go to your closest Walgreens and let us know if you like them!

Want more fun Thanksgiving ideas?

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