Don’t spend a ton of money on toys when you can make toys for kids. Toy making crafts are so fun and there are easy homemade toy ideas from baby toys, STEM toys, pretend play toys and more fun toys for kids! We’ve gathered the best DIY toys we could find.

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Let’s make DIY toys!

DIY Toys You Can Make

We love DIY toys! It’s so much fun taking things from around the house and turning them into a fun toy for our kids. You might have thought of toy making as something done by elves, but these homemade toys are toy crafts that are surprisingly easy.

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text: 80+ easy to make DIY toys - collage of homemade toy ideas from homemade games and sensory toys to art toys and building toys - Kids Activities Blog
There are so many different DIY toys to make!

80+ DIY Toys to Make

Making kids toys also can help save money. We have all had the experience where a toy is purchased, taken from the package and only played with a couple of times.

We’ve been gathering lots of ideas and tutorials on how to make toys at home and are sharing our favorite ways how to make toys today!

DIY Musical Instruments

DIY Toys- drum kit with tubs, pans, a racks, and drum sticks on the carpet
Make your own drums!

1. Homemade Drum Kit

Formula tins, cake pan both small and big, and a kitchen roller is what you need for this homemade drum kit.

2. Junk Jam Music

Make your own instruments using string, bottles, and a stick! This active musical experience is a great auditory processing activity for kids.

3. DIY Drum

You can make your own drum out of an old plastic bucket!

Homemade Games

DIY Toys- trying balancing with a variety of craft sticks with foam, cardboard on a wooden street
How many popsicle sticks can your balance?

4. Balancing Popsicle Stick Game

Stack popsicle sticks on a wobbly platform without it toppling over.

5. The Fishing Game

Go fishing with this fun fishing game. Make your own cardboard or cloth fish and a fishing hook to promote pretend play! What a fun little game.

6. Cardboard Sling Puck Game

Oh my goodness! This cardboard sling puck game is so cute! It’s almost like air hockey, but requires a little more precision.

7. Throw The Dice and Draw

Throw the dice, and whatever the number it lands on you have to draw that many of that particular picture. Simple and cute!

8. Ice Hockey

No, this isn’t the traditional ice hockey, but rather this ice hockey it is played with a baking sheet, ice, plastic cups, popsicle sticks, and a penny.

Homemade Playdough Toys

DIY Toys- Funny face and piggy nose DIY play dough toys
Let’s make playdough toys!

9. DIY Playdough Toys

This is a really fun Play Dough Toys to use with play dough and if you have little ones at home, you probably have the special ingredient!

10. Making Playdough

Make your own playdough. This homemade playdough is super easy to make and you can make all your favorite colors!

Homemade Educational Toys

DIY Toys- Blue Ringed octopus craft for kids with toilet paper roll and rocks on sand
You can make your own blue ringed octopus.

11. Blue Ringed Octopus

Make your own toilet paper roll octopus and promote pretend play as they not only get to play with their new cardboard toy, but learn about this animal as well!

12. Shape Sorter

Take a cardboard box and whatever blocks you have around the house and make your kids a Shape Sorter.

13. Jumbo Shape Sorter

Use a large box to make a jumbo shape sorter for your toddler. Make holes for balls, blocks, and other toys.

14. Mix And Match Paper Robots

Print off these paper robots (or use cardstock), color each side, cute out, and assemble. Then let your toddler or preschooler try to make as many matches as they can!

DIY Toys- Roundup of Fine Motor Activityes for Toddlers Using Velcro- Velco Lids
These velcro toys are great for younger kids.

15. DIY Velcro Toys

These nesting Velcro lids are not only fun, but a great way to practice fine motor skills and learn colors.

Make these DIY word searches to keep your little one busy and to teach new words!

17. 3D Shape Sorter

Use a box, paper, and fabric to make a 3D shape sorter. Then get this free printable to make these paper 3D shapes to put into it.

DIY Toys – Busy Bags

DIY Toys- 9 zippers on a black piece of cloth for fine motor skills practice
Let’s practice fine motor skills with this DIY busy zipper board!

18. DIY Busy Zipper Board

Make a board full of zippers! Not only will it keep your kids busy, but it will also allow your child to embrace quiet time and practice fine motor skills.

19. DIY Busy Buckle Pillow

Make your own colorful pillows and add buckles to them to create these DIY busy buckle pillows. Great for fine motor skill practice and for quiet time.

Homemade Puppets

DIY Toys- henry the octopus sewing pattern- purple and white octopus
Make henry the octopus!

20. Henry The Octopus

Make your very own friend named Henry the Octopus! Give him a fancy hat, black shoes, and a red and blue suit! 

21. Sock Puppet Horse

I love sock puppets, they’re simple and fun! You can make your very own sock puppet using a sock, pom poms, and googly eyes.

22. Finger Puppet Owl

Promote pretend play with this finger puppet owl! This felt puppet does require some sewing and super glue, so kids will probably need assistance. This is properly better for older kids to make.

23. DIY Dog and Frog Hand Puppets

Using construction paper, googly eyes, glue, and markers you can make your very own dog and frog puppets.

24. Monster Felt Finger Puppets

Make monster finger puppets! These homemade monster felt finger puppets are better for older kids to make as it includes some sewing.

DIY Toys- Upcycled Cat Puppet Tutorial : How to Make a Cat Puppet
Aww, how cute is this little cat puppet?!

25. How To Make A Cat Puppet

Want to know how to make a cat puppet? It’s easy, cute, but does require some sewing.

26. Itsy Bitsy Spider Puppet

The Itsy Bitsy spider is a beloved children’s song, now a foam puppet! This foam spider puppet is cute, fuzzy, with big googly eyes!

27. How To Make Minion Finger Puppets

Um, who doesn’t love minions? Now you can promote pretend play with these super cute minion finger puppets.

DIY Sensory Toys

DIY Toys- diy sensory rug with textures on foam squares
This sensory rug is so cool and a great way for kids to explore the world around them.

28. DIY Sensory Rugs For Kids

Sensory play is so important! Which is why we love these DIY sensory rugs for kids. There are so many to choose from. This would be great for toddlers and preschoolers.

29. Touch And Feel Box

Another fun sensory toy! This touch and feel box is full of surprises and textures.

30. Mini Adventure Sandboxes

These mini adventure sandboxes are perfect for sensory play. Add different toys and pieces of nature to find in the sand.

31. Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Learn to calm down and regulate emotions with these rainbow sensory bottles. They are also known as calming bottles.

32. Feel Bag Find It Letters

Fill a bag with colored rice, add beads and letters, and seal the bag well and then let your child find all the letters. A feel bag is a great way to keep your little one busy.

Homemade Toy Puzzles

DIY Toys- bunny with balloon popsicle stick puzzle
Let’s make the cutest little puzzle ever!

33. Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Use simple popsicle sticks, pencil, and paint to create a super cute popsicle stick puzzles.

34. DIY Free Puzzle Games 

Don’t throw away those old paint samples! You can cut them up and turn them into DIY Free Puzzle games.


DIY Toys- cardboard playhouse with white roof, blue door and red house with curtains
This is the coolest play house!

35. DIY Play House

This is so cute! Use a big cardboard box, paint, and fabric to create the cutest little playhouse! 

36. Cardboard Cellphone

Does your toddler or preschooler love your phone? Well, now they can have their own! All you need is cardboard and a marker to make this cardboard cellphone.

37. Popsicle Stick Fence

Does your child love toy animals? Then make your own popsicle stick fence to keep all the animals caroled. 

38. Chalkboard Toys

Make a whole city complete with houses and people by painting old boxes and bottles with chalkboard paint. Then use chalk to decorate the houses and make faces on the people. These chalkboard toys are amazing.

39. Waldorf Inspired Nature Blocks

Your toy animals can play in the forest once you make these super simple Waldorf inspired nature blocks.

DIY Toys- foil, paper cups, with stickers and paint robot mask
I love this adorable robot mask

40. Robot Mask

Use paper bags, tin foil, pipe cleaners, and cups to make a robot mask. Beep boop bop.

41. Paper Plate Thor Helmet

Pretend to be Thor with this super cute paper plate Thor Helmet!

42. Felt Play Food

Don’t buy the expensive plastic play food when you can make your own out of felt. This felt play food are so cute, realistic looking, and soft!

43. Easy DIY Playhouse

Use cardboard and paint to make a really awesome easy DIY playhouse. What a great way to promote pretend play.

44. DIY Tea Set

What does a play house need? It needs a DIY tea set! This wooden tea set is so cute! It has a tray, cups, popsicle sticks, pretend cookies, and more.

DIY Toys- DIY Masking Tape Bandages for Animal Hospital Pretend Play - vetenerian pretend play where kids decorate their own bandages
Make your own DIY bandages to play doctor with.

45. DIY Bandages

Your pretend play animal hospital isn’t complete without these DIY bandages for their ouchies!

46. DIY No Sew Tent

Don’t want a play house? What about this DIY no sew tent! It’s so cute, use fabric, rope, and wood. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

47. Pack And Play Stove

This is my favorite! A Tupperware is not only storage for the plastic toys, but doubles as a pack and play stove.

Homemade Outdoor Toys

DIY Toys- small child using a bubble shooter wand to blow bubbles across the backyard fence
You can make your own bubble wands!

48. Bubble Wand

Use this household item as a Bubble Wand.

49. DIY Kite

Nice windy day? Perfect for flying kites! Don’t have one! Then you’ll love this DIY kite tutorial.

50. DIY Pool Raft

Help your kids feel more secure in the pool while having fun! This DIY pool raft can be used as a pool chair, pool float, and keep your child safe.

51. Outdoor Kitchen

I love this so much! Have a muddy spot in your yard? Then set up a mud pie kitchen! Add old utensils, a small table, and more!

52. Cute Sock Horse

Cute sock hobby horse is so easy to make! Make the face out of a sock and add it to a stick to make a lovely hobby horse to hop around on.

DIY Toys- Homemade Farm Play with pond, garden, house, and mud
Gran your farm animals and let them explore the farm!

53. Homemade Farm Play Mat

Grass, ponds, mud, fields, this homemade farm play mat has it all and is textured.

54. Nature Tic Tac Toe

Play tic tac toe using a piece of cloth with the lines painted on and then sticks for x’s and stones for o’s.

55. Exercise Animals

These exercise animals are essentially hobby horses but with different pictures. They’re perfect to get your kids up and moving.

DIY Indoors Toys

DIY Toys- Let's play soccer with straws, pom pom on paper field
This diy soccer game is so cool.

56. Miniature Soccer Game

Can’t play outside? Play this Miniature Soccer Game indoors without knocking over the living room lamp.

57. Balloon Play House

Make this Balloon Play House for a fun and inexpensive birthday party activity.

Homemade Stuffed Animal Toys

DIY Toys- sock stuffed animal horse with rainbow yarn hair
Use a sock to make a stuffed animal horse.

58. Easy Sock Pony 

Why buy a stuffed animal when you can make this easy sock pony! It’s pink, white, very pretty, and very soft!

59. Pet Pal Craft

Make your very own pet pals! Using big pom poms, small pom poms, markers, and googly eyes, you can make soft fluffy caterpillars!

60. Superworm

Make your own stuffed animal based on the story Superworm. It’s soft, striped, and has googly eyes!

61. No Sew Sock Bunny

How cute is this no sew sock bunny. It’s soft, fluffy, with floppy ears and a big green bow.

62. Homemade Sock Owl

While this sock owl is so cute. What a cute stuffed animal. But, this homemade sock owl is warm, perfect for snuggles on a cold night.

63. Waldorf Knit Lamb Pattern

DIY Toys- knitted lamb stuffed animal with bell collar
Break out the knitting needles and make a little lamb.

Do you knit? If you do you have to make this Waldorf knit lamb pattern. How precious!

64. Teddy Bears

Everyone loves teddy bears and now you can make your own with this teddy bear pattern.

65. Daddy Doll

This is great for parents who have to travel for work! A daddy doll is a great way for the kids to be less sad while their father is way.

Handmade Dolls

DIY Toys-  simple DIY Doll Furniture for peg dollhouse
Make wooden furniture for your doll house.

66. Doll House Furniture

Got an empty doll house? Make your very own miniature Dollhouse Furniture!

67. DIY Paper Dolls

Make your own paper dolls using old cards. Cut out the pictures from old cards and stick them to old toilet paper rolls for simple paper dolls.

68. DIY Dress Up Peg Dolls

Use wooden pegs, yarn, Velcro, paper, and lamination to create your very own DIY dress up peg dolls.

69. Clown Doll

Make your own soft clown doll for cuddling. Given them colorful clothes, bows, and a colorful hat!

70. How To Make Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are so neat. I used to have some when I was a little girl. Now you can learn how to make nesting dolls! You can paint them anyway you want!

DIY Toy Vehicles

DIY Toys- DIY cars play mat made with cardboard on a flight of stairs
Get ready to see your cars go off the ramp!

71. Car Parking Garage

All you need to make your kids a really fun Car Parking Garage is a marker and a couple manila folders.

72. DIY Road Table

Turn your light table into a homemade road table! Add trees, ponders, grass, and of course roads for your hot wheels to drive around on!

73. DIY Airplane and Train

Use toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, and egg cartons to make a DIY airplane and train toy. Don’t forget about the paint and cotton balls to decorate them!

74. DIY Toy Car Tracing Track

Don’t spend a lot of money buying toy car tracks at the store. You can make your own using cardboard!

75. Fine Motor Dashboard

Make your own car dashboard to drive around! All you need is simple things from around the house like lids, cardboard tubes, bottles, and a paper plate.

DIY Toys- make a racetrack with a shower curtain and paints
Drive around the whole city!

76. Shower Curtain Racetrack

You can get a shower curtain cheap from the Dollar Tree. Then use markers to make a huge shower curtain racetrack for your child’s hot wheels.

77. DIY Fun Road Signs

Every race track needs DIY fun road signs! Name your streets, stop signs, yield signs. It’ll make your race track more fun.

78. DIY Wind Car

It turns out you can make a DIY wind car using cardstock, craft sticks, wooden wheels, stickers, tape, and playdough. Then watch them go as you blow on them or use a fan.

79. DIY Toy Mini Traffic Signs

Download this traffic sign printable, cut them out, laminate them, and stick the on toothpicks and foam. Your race tracks need DIY toy mini traffic signs.


Magnetic Moon and Stars: Invitation to Study the Night Sky | How to make moons and stars and study constellations with your kids |
These star and moon magnets are beautiful.

80. Magnetic Moon and Stars

Love the night sky? Now you can look at the moon and stars anytime you want. How? By making moon and star magnets.

81. DIY Marble Run

Don’t throw out those toilet paper rolls! Rather, use them to make your own DIY Marble run.

82. Lighthouse Keeper Pulleys

These light houses and pulleys are based on the book series “The Lighthouse Keepers” and is a great STEM toy to learn about physical science.

83. Velcro Dot Craft Sticks

Build and create art with these Velcro dot sticks. They’re super easy to make. What a great STEM activity.

84. DIY Geoboard Maze

This DIY geoboard maze is so much fun! Run your finger through the maze, toys, or marbles through this maze.

DIY Toys- diy marble maze in a floral pink cloth pattern
Can you get the marble to the end of the maze?

85. DIY Fabric Marble Maze

We’ve seen cardboard marble mazes, but have you ever seen a DIY fabric marble maze? It does require some sewing, but it’s so much fun and so unique.

86. DIY LEGO Table Top

LEGOs are great STEM toys. Your kids can build and work on fine motor skills with this DIY LEGO Table Top.

Homemade BATH TOYS

DIY Toys- Make your own bath toys - Kids Activities Blog
Make your own foam bath toys

87. Foam Bath Toys

Use Foam Bath Toys to make sea creatures to play with during bath time.

88. Foam Stickers

Foam Stickers are perfect for bath tube play! You can stick them to the tub or the wall.

Handmade Baby Toys

DIY Toys- baby toys made from ribbons and decorated cloth
You can even make your own baby toys!

89. DIY Baby Toy

This is a sweet DIY Baby Toy that an older sibling can make for a new baby.

90. Thrifty Toys For Babies

Looking to make some thrifty toys for babies? Make your own noise maker, let them play with boxes, tear up old magazines, there are lots of different fun DIY thrifty baby toys.

91. Homemade Fabric Blocks For Babies

Personalize these homemade fabric blocks for babies. They’re large, soft, and colorful.

92. Wooden Teethers

These sweet little wooden teethers and rattlers are so precious!


DIY Toys- make a bouncy ball for kids, blue ball on a white background
How cool! Make your own bouncy ball!

93. DIY Bouncy Ball

Yes, you can easily make your very own Bouncy Ball right at home!

94. Chalkboard Board Book

This DIY chalkboard board book is not only super cute, but a great way to practice fine motor skills. This is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners.

95. DIY Light Table

Playing with a light table makes play time more unique and fun especially when it comes to colors. But they’re expensive! However, this DIY light table will save you money.

96. Butterfly Family

Toilet paper tubes, cupcake papers, pipe cleaners, paint, and markers are what you need to make this butterfly family. They even have pretty wings to help them “fly.”

More DIY Toys From Kids Activities Blog

Which DIY toy is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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