16 Toys You Can Make with an Empty Box

An empty box is so much more than just trash. You can turn it into so many incredible things! I love showing my kids how to put their imagination to work by turning trash into treasure.

Get out the scissors and glue and make some of these incredible DIY’s all from an empty box.

16 Toys You Can Make with an Empty Box

16 Toys You Can Make with an Empty Box

1. DIY Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon! Yes, your very own Star Wars vehicle! via All For The Boys

2. Box Cat and Kittens Craft

These little Cat and Kittens are adorable. Make them and tiny juice box kittens!

3. Homemade Light Brite

Wow, kids will love this fun Homemade Light Brite toy. So cool! via Toddler Approved

4. DIY Marble Run Game

This Marble Run would keep my little ones busy for quite a while! via Frugal Fun for Boys

5. Aquarium Craft

This Aquarium just might be one of my most favorite crafts of all time. It looks just like an aquarium! via Molly Moo

6. Homemade Doll Bed

Make a sweet little Doll Bed for your dolls to snooze in. via PopSugar

16 Toys You Can Make with an Empty Box

7. DIY Toy Car Garage

Park all those toy cars in this super fun Toy Car Garage  made from a shoe box! via Mommo Design

8. Pirate Ship Craft

This Pirate Ship is so much fun! All you need for a pirate ship is an empty box. via Molly Moo

9. Homemade Mailbox

Have a fun day of playing pretend with this postal Mailbox! via Little Red Window

10. DIY Wheelbarrow 

How adorable is this Wheelbarrow? Kids will love playing with this. via Makenzie

11. Traffic Light Craft

This Traffic Light is perfect for playing cars or the game red light, green light! via Ikat Bag

12. Homemade Dollhouse 

A real, functioning Dollhouse! This would save a ton of money. via My Cakies

13. DIY Noah’s Ark 

Fill this Noah’s Ark  up with your stuffed animals. So sweet. via The Craft Train

16 Toys You Can Make with an Empty Box

14. Homemade Barbie Couch

Make a super cute Barbie Couch for Barbie and her friends! via Kids Kubby

15. Rideable Dinosaur Craft

This riding Dinosaur would be a blast to play with. via Mood Kids

16. Homemade Camera

Pretend to be a photographer for the day and make your own DIY Camera! via Molly Moo Crafts

17. DIY Race Car

Make a pretend Lighting McQueen Race Car your kids will adore! via Krokotak

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