Creative & Fun Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Kids

If you’re planning a little Valentine’s Day photoshoot with your kiddos, here is some awesome inspiration!

Each holiday I love taking a few fun, themed photographs of my little ones. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites because I love the bright red and pink colors. And who doesn’t love balloons, conversation hearts and sweet treats?

Valentine photoshoot ideas with kids - boy on chalkboard with heart thought bubbles
Have some fun this Valentine’s Day by taking photos of the kids.

You can go as as simple or elaborate as you want. Even just stepping outside with a giant red sucker will do the trick!

Adorable Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

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Valentine Photo Ideas – Chalkboard

I thought we would start with the Valentine Day chalk board idea.  The first photo in this article shows heart shaped thought bubbles which is pretty cute.

Valentine photo shoot ideas with kids - boy on heart filled chalk board
Add a few more hearts to the chalkboard!

Or make it more of a scene…this is such a cute Valentine photoshoot idea to have a heart being pulled out of a magic hat!

Valentine Photoshoot ideas with kids - boy pulling heart out of magic top hat
Love the touch of magic for this Valentine photo idea!

Valentine Photo Ideas – Balloons

It is pretty cute how a simple prop like some heart shaped balloons can totally make a photoshoot special and feel more Valentine-y.  I love the sweet soft colors in this Valentine photo.


Valentine photo shoot with kids - girl with pink heart
Soft pink colors and balloons make this Valentine photo even more special.

Red balloons and a bowtie standing in the countryside is a really cute Valentine photoshoot idea for just about any age child.  Check out the cool photos from this photoshoot by MCP Actions.

Another idea I thought was super cute was to use a bunch of balloons as a place for a group of kids to look.  The photo results are adorable…

Photoshoot ideas for Valentines Day with Kids - three girls and red heart balloons
And easy way to get a group of kids looking in the same direction!

Another way to use balloons is to make the child part of the balloon bouquet.  I thought this one was a great idea for kids of all ages.

Valentine photo shoot ideas for kids - girl with three red balloons
I love how the girl is part of the heart balloon bouquet.

Valentine Photo Ideas – Props

So many cute ideas for Valentine photos with props.  The most obvious is hearts!  Here is a more formal heart pose that has a really fun vintage feel.

Valentine Photo Shoot with kids - Kids Activities Blog - two kids with hearts over eyes
Paper hearts, retro dress and pink and white striped wallpaper in this photo.

More Valentine photoshoots using props are:

  • An umbrella and some “rain” in this super cute Raining Hearts – via Lookie Loo Photography
  • You will need a baby and an arrow for this fun Valentine photoshoot idea, Baby Cupid and Arrow – via Melissa Diep
  • And a large bowl full of conversation hearts is calling out for a baby in this Valentine photo idea, Baby in a Bowl – via A Walker Photography

This one is cute and casual and could literally be taken for IG in a matter of minutes.

Valentine photo shoot with kids - casual shot with girl holding homemade paper heart
Kid-made paper heart makes this very IG worthy.

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More Photoshoot Ideas for Kids

Valentine Photo Ideas for Photoshoots with kids - Kids Activities Blog
Simple background, good lighting and a little paper heart…cute photo!


Did you get some good pictures on Valentine’s Day of your kids?


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