Costco is known for strange and unusual products but Costco’s latest bakery item is not only strange but turns out, it is absolutely delicious too!

Costco has decided to turn up the heat (mildly) because they are now selling Green Chile Cornbread and according to those that have tried it, it’s delicious.

The new bakery item is described as:

A delicious cornbread infused with green chiles for a slightly spicy kick to a classic!

People who have tried it, are expressing their thoughts on social media and are saying things like:

It’s actually really good! It’s not dry and very flavorful. I finished a whole one


This stuff is INCREDIBLE!


Now if you’re wondering what you’d pair this spicy side dish with, people all over saying it’s best paired with chili.

Soups and stews are tasty options too!

But honestly, you could just heat it up, slice it and put some butter on a slice and enjoy it too.

You can find this new green chile cornbread at your local Costco for $6.99 per container.

I am thinking this will be a huge hit for fall!

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  1. Strange? New? lol How funny! Here in Texas it’s not strange or new. Our local, small town supermarket has been selling green chile cornbread in their little bakery department for YEARS. (I just make it a home.)