The holidays are right around the corner and I cannot think of a better way to build your way to the holidays than with a LEGO Christmas Tree.

LEGO Christmas tree set fully built and decorated on a white background

LEGO Christmas Tree SEt

This 784 piece LEGO brick set comes with everything you need to build and decorate a Christmas tree in time for the holidays.

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LEGO Christmas tree set box on white background

Build Your Own Lego Christmas Tree

Create an eye-catching festive display with this beautiful LEGO® Christmas Tree (40573) building kit.

Build a colorful tree adorned with ornaments and candles. The finished Christmas tree sits on a decorative mat.

Add the yellow star to the top for the perfect finishing touch. With this 2-in-1 model, you can choose to build 1 tree or 2 smaller trees.

LEGO Christmas 2-in-1 Set builds one large tree or two smaller trees - 2 smaller trees shown on a table

Build 1 Large or 2 Small LEGO Christmas Trees

Did you catch that? You can actually build one larger Christmas tree or 2 smaller Christmas trees! FUN!

Christmas tree LEGO set fully built on a window sill

This Christmas Tree LEGO set is a hot item this year so if I were you, I’d grab it before it’s gone.

Christmas tree set with 2 trees shown fully assembled LEGO set for the holidays

You can get the LEGO Christmas Tree from the LEGO Website for under $45 here. Or on Amazon.

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