Golf balls, soft balls, tennis balls… No matter the size of the ball, they are a great way to help younger children practice several skills in different ways! We are sharing 15 ball activities for toddlers that are so much fun!

Image shows a compilation of different ball games for toddlers. Ideas from different sources.
Enjoy these ball play ideas!

Simple Ball Activities for Young Children

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love fun games that help kids with their growth and physical development. Playing with balls helps kids of all ages with:

  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • core strength
  • sensory processing
  • social skills
  • and more

These ball activities are aimed at young kids, but it doesn’t mean older children won’t have fun too! So, if you’ve got a ball and some simple supplies like pool noodles and plastic bottles, you’re more than ready for a fun ball game.

We’re going to have a great time!

Image shows a toddler playing with a ball on the floor with a ramp. Idea from Toddler Approved
Here are two classic options for kids to play with.

1. Two Simple Ball Activities for Toddlers

These activities are great for eye-hand coordination! You only need a cardboard box or a foam board, tape, a large bowl, and balls of different sizes. From Toddler Approved.

2. Easy Alphabet Activity With Letter Balls and Tunnels

You don’t need a big open space to have fun! This activity will help kids practice the alphabet in an easy way. It’s one of the best indoor ball games that will keep toddlers busy for a very long time. From Toddler in Action.

3. Balls on a Drying Rack – Toddler Activities at Home

This easy, no-prep activity takes a few minutes to set up, and you only need a drying rack and some hollow plastic balls. Who knew such a simple idea would be so much fun too?!

4. Super Easy Toddler Activities with Balls – Balls Soup

Get a big spoon and cook a “ball soup”! It’s a colorful activity that will help toddlers with different skills and keep them active at the same time.

Image shows a closeup picture of a toddlers hand holding kid-friendly balls
Learning is so much fun with simple games.

5. Roll The Ball Learning Game Ideas For Young Children

The Educators’ Spin On It shared a few roll the ball learning game ideas for parents and teachers of young children to introduce math, phonemic awareness and vocabulary development.

Image shows DIY carnival game and a kid holding a ball playing with it. Idea from What we do all day.
Looking for gross motor activities? We’ve got them!

6. Spontaneous Carnival Game

Let’s play a ball toss game! Grab a huge box, make some holes in it, and have your kiddo play with it for hours. You can even add scores to each cutout for some math practice. From What Do We Do All Day?

Image shows pom pom balls in a DIY catapult craft. Idea from What do we do all day
Get ready for hours of fun!

7. Easy DIY Catapult and Target Game For Kids

Your kid will love making this DIY catapult game! The instructions are so simple that kids can make the catapult all by themselves and you don’t need any special skills or materials. From What Do We Do All Day?

Image shows cardboard boxes on the stairs and plastic balls in them, and a kid playing with them. Idea from Little Bins for LIttle hands
Enjoy some fun family time together!

8. Simple Indoor Gross Motor Play Recycled Cardboard Box Ball Game

These indoor ball games are great gross motor play and only use recycled cardboard boxes. Perfect for counting and practicing the colors, too. From Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image shows a marble cardboard box game. Idea from what do we do all day
You don’t need a lot to have fun indoors.

9. Easy Indoor Ball Game

Here’s a fun way to spend a rainy day inside if you have a cardboard box, some marbles, or ping-pong balls. Putting together this indoor ball game could not be easier. From What Do We Do All Day?

Image shows the feet of a toddler and DIY croquet game. From Toddler Approved
Let’s practice our counting skills!

10. Indoor Counting Croquet

This game takes a bit of time to set up, but once you do, kids will have so much fun playing with it; plus, they’ll get to practice their numbers too. From Toddler Approved.

Image shows two pictures of a toddler painting outside with a purple ball. Idea from Happy Toddler Playtime
Have you ever heard of ball painting?

11. Ball Painting

Bouncing, rolling, moving (and even singing)! This is really easy to set up, and makes for good messy, fun process art activity! Perfect for a sunny spring day. From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a little girl holding a marble. Image from Mama Smiles
Marbles are so much fun.

12. Global Games: Playing Marbles in France

Here are some engaging ways you can use marbles to play at home. Inexpensive, easy, and lots of fun! From Mama Smiles.

Image shows a set of paper towel rolls and colored balls for an indoor ball game. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Don’t throw away your used paper towel rolls yet.

13. Super Simple Color Ball Matching Game for Kids

A quick and low prep fine motor activity to teach colors using ball pit balls in a balancing and color matching game for kids of all ages! From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a toddler playing with ball pit balls and a muffin pan. Idea from Toot's mom is tired
You can use anything to play with!!

14. 5 Activities You Can do With Ball Pit Balls

Ball pit balls are great for younger and older kids alike. Here are 5 things you can do with ball pit balls, using things you probably already own at home. It also doubles as a large sensory bin. From Toot’s Mom Is Tired.

Image shows ball pit balls in a pink box with holes on top. Image from Taming Little Monsters.
Make a DIY ball drop box!

15. DIY Ball Drop Box for Babies

Babies love to drop objects into containers and take them out again. This easy DIY project will help develop your baby’s fine motor skills and sensory input while using materials you already have at home. From Taming Little Monsters.


Did your toddler enjoy these ball games?

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