29It is Fantastic Friday which means Math for all preschoolers at our house. This announcement is followed by a lot of math cheering, not moaning because we have some really fun preschool math ideas to share!
Preschool Math games - hands on fun for kids to learn - Kids activities blog
Learning hands-on is always much more fun!
For today’s Fantastic Friday Shout-outs we’d like to recognize a math game, a DIY math puzzle and several sites that have been referred to us as resources for our kids to learn early math skills online. This article contains affiliate links.

Preschool Math Activities

Spider Math activity for preschoolers - Kids Activities Blog
Love this preschool math idea – spider math!

Preschool Spider Math

We discovered a terrific math game from Shirley, a homeschooling mom over at Preschool Activities. It is great for teaching both addition as well as subtraction. I bet you could even adapt the “Number Spider” for upper level math as well! Basically, you write the answer in the middle and all the “legs” are the possible ways you could reach that number. My daughter and I adapted this with Cheerios.   This was a great way to reinforce the concept of 6 both concretely (by counting the physical cheerios) and in written form. For full instructions check out her site!
tetraxis puzzle - museum of mathematics
What a cool puzzle!

Museum of Mathematics Inspired Puzzles

I love puzzles… I know this next activity seems well above the level of our preschoolers, but I bet they would love manipulating the parts and building with them, maybe even helping you solve the puzzle. At the Museum of Mathematics, they made a puzzle with magnets and cardboard boxes. The goal is to make the parts fit together.  You can check out their template:
tetraxis-part template - museum of mathematics
Make your own puzzle with the Museum of Mathematics template!
And if that seems like a little too much work, no worries! This same type of problem solving can be found with other 3D puzzles. Here are a few of our favorite:
Math games and puzzles for preschoolers - Kids Activities Blog - wooden tetris shown
Let’s play a math game!

Preschool Math Games Online

And last but not least are three sites that my kids love! Each of these sites has a terrific online math curriculum for kids to practice and develop their math skills.   Think the “Starfall” for math:

More Preschool Math Ideas

Here at Kids Activities Blog we are all about fun and math!  Here are a few other preschool math ideas you can try — remember that any math activity can be adapted for the level of your preschool age child: What fun preschool math activity are you doing today?  If you wish you could visit the Museum of Mathematics today but can’t, check out these virtual museum tours you can take right now!

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  1. Nice and educative. It’s always exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their websites.